Diligent celebrations, snotty protests

Given the guideline that Germany’s freedom is nowadays also defended in the Hindu Kush, the Bundeswehr is preparing for glorious times

In order to be prepared in terms of image and to anchor the necessity of a modern army in the public consciousness, it resorts to various means: on the one hand, there are campaigns that are copied from television formats (cf. (e.g. Bundeswehr is looking for the superstar) on the other hand real classics like the official recruit swearing-in ceremony.

Tradition never this, the Bundeswehr, too, with its penchant for cultivating tradition (cf. Maintaining military tradition in Mittenwald. And so the attempts to turn the Bundeswehr into a pop phenomenon still seem slightly awkward, while traditional uniform changes such as recruit swearing-in ceremonies are handled with confident routine. The process is always the same: There are speeches, then there’s a rallying cry, then it’s done. The decoration can be selected from the fund of state events, which should radiate dignity, determination and solemn seriousness. torches, fires, and backdrops that serve the state’s own polite self-interpretation (e.g., a "national" event).B. the Bendlerblock), are always appropriate. Politicians present at such events sometimes wear uniforms.

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So, that’s probably. Today we die

The counter-piece to Michael Moores ownership "Bowling for Columbine" – In Gus van Sants "Elephant" The massacre seems to be as everyday as the gossip in the school canteen in front of it

They come from the heart of society: Burgerally socialized Mittelstandskids, who suddenly have a rake in their hands and their co-schoolers and teachers in the dozen. The School Massaker of Littleton Stand Pate for Gus van Sants New, Master Film "Elephant". The low-budget work, which won the two main prizes in the Cannes Film Festival, is making the unemployable such deeds on the subject – a film about orientation and the opposite piece to Michael Moores ownership "Bowling for Columbine", who knows only answers, no questions.

"The sun was to blame!" – at this central sentence from Albert Camus’ "The stranger" Feels at some point: In the very first attitude of this movie you can see a blue sky, with a few dun clouds. Easily bleached colors. Blurred, nevertheless accurate pictures that adores a little dreamer and at the same time curious, and remain reminiscent of fashion photographs. Change of perspective, shfring, from above and then from below you can see views of the seemingly peaceful, well-ordered landscape of American suburbs. Father and son. A car drive snake lines, meets a hair a cyclist, strips other cars. "Dad, I am driving. Get out of the car." A son drive his hard alcoholic father home. Another teenager delights his way through photo recordings on the school campus: "I work on a series of random products." he does not pay. A Fruhe morning in America.

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French minister of the environment: edf should think about 100 percent renewable

French Minister of the Environment: EDF should think about 100 percent renewable

The boss of the energy company relies on the construction of new reactors. Elisabeth Borne now emphasizes that it defines the energy policy as a minister

The French Minister of Environment Elisabeth Borne has invited the French ECR EDF to reflect on the role of electricity supplier in a scenario in which the energy comes to 100 percent of renewable energies. That’s a scenario that was not yet suggested, emphasizes borne.

Basically, one expects a minister who is already in your official title ("Ministre de la Transition Ecologique") The claim of an ecological energy transition shall carry such a statement. But things are especially in France. There, the AKW for 75 percent of energy supply and the driving of the EDF relies on how in recent weeks showed on the construction of new reactors. She tries to gain the public opinion on the argument with the greenhouse gas emission advantage.

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Are german officers involved in targeted killings in afghanistan??

Bundeswehr disputes New York Times account that liaison officer was leading "does not perform any tasks related to the targeting process"

Last Friday, we reported on the New York Times story that Swedish and German officers had been – and may continue to be – directly involved in the kill missions of suspected insurgents in Afghanistan, conducted mostly with armed drones (German officers reportedly directly involved in U.S. kill missions in Afghanistan).

The newspaper reported it received the information from two government employees, who remain anonymous, who had knowledge of the "Targeting"-Programm haben. Die deutsche Regierung und die Bundeswehr haben bislang abgestritten, dass Deutsche aktiv an dem Programm der gezielten Totungen von mutmablichen Aufstandischen beteiligt waren. It had also become known that not only alleged "hohere" Insurgents, but also normal fighters as well as people who are said to have been involved in drug trafficking, were released for killing.

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Munchen wants traffic problems with cable car loop

Visualization of the planned Munchner cable car: Image: © belly plan).(

At the airport a mini transrapid should be built

Munchen is Germany’s jam capital – and also the public transport works so badly that even Berliner like Felix of Leitner shocked. A little improvement should now bring a new means of transport, which is not transported on or under the earth, but via it: a cable car.

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In the gold rush

Aus der Umweltkatastrophe in Baia Mare hat Rumanien wenig gelernt: Wieder bedroht ein Goldbergbau Natur und historisches Erbe

Romania is on the way to Europe. In 2007, the country will become a member of the European Union, according to the decision of the EU summit in Copenhagen. It can be a long road: A study (PDF) by the Open Society Institute has just revealed that Romania is the state most plagued by corruption among the EU accession candidates. In Romania itself, the tarps of Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources Ltd. are currently causing.The small town of Rosia Montana is to make way for a gold mine that will 2.000 people will be forced to relocate, the environment will be massively threatened, and the Roman mining settlement of Alburnus Maior will be destroyed, an archaeological treasure of the first order.

Pictures: Rosiamontana.org

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Impressions from hanover

Expo, what is that?

Also in "Bernd’s standing and ice cream cafe" war am Donnerstag der Teufel los. For the opening of the store, beer was served for a mark, a barbecue was held in front of the door of the former laundry in Hanover’s Friesenstrabe – and in the late evening, Bernd was sitting in his kiosk, finished with the world and truly dog-eyed. But from the bottom of his heart he was still really happy that his newly opened stand-up cafe had got off to such a picture-perfect start.

Now, four days later, the euphoria is already gone. Bernd does what he has been doing for months: he sells cigarettes, beer and gum bars in his kiosk and has a saying for every customer: "Can’t you even write in the newspaper that there will soon be Internet at my place?!" "Sure, no problem, but there’s a discount!" "Do you want to drive me to ruin…"

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Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

Foto: Unsplash

Soder bezeichnet Stiko als amateurhaft, Holetschek will fur "professional support" worry. Dispute over compulsory vaccination intensifies across Europe. In France, opponents of vaccination are becoming radicalized

A recent study in France confirms that vaccinated people are better protected against infection with the coronavirus. This also applies to the delta variant, according to the scientists responsible for assessing statistics, whose research department (Drees) is affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

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Hunch – the decision tree as a social object

Hunch - the decision tree as a social object

The success of Web 2.0-Sites depends on the amount and benefits of the content that creates and accessible the user community: More use leads to more usefulate leads to more users / potential customers

To complete the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco represented Jyri Engestrom, Co-Ground of the Twitter-Similar Webservice Jaiku, in his lecture a crisp theory: The successful are exactly that Web 2.0 companies that not only create a social network, but the this network "social object" To create the users who make, share, act, reward, comment can. The social object of eBay is the auction with its sales assessments; The social object at Wikipedia is the lexicon page with its talk Page; The social object of Flickr is the photo with its comments.

ENGENTROM thinks, for example, that Linkedin Fruher had no social object; As a pure social network, it was initially relatively fast a coarse number of users, many of which soon arose again, because without objects no long-term bonds between them emerged. Some time ago, they apparently defined the job as their social object; the service, so close flow, pulls again more users again. In other words, Engestrom’s concept of "social object" Just seems to me fairly very.

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Nomad finds the first meteorite

In Antarctica, an autonomous robotic vehicle intended for remote planetary exploration is tested

Nomad, the autonomous robotic vehicle from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, which was developed with funding from NASA, has been driving for 10 days. January around Antarctica in search of meteorites. Last Saturday, the third day of the mission, the scientists already had a success to report: with rough probability Nomad has already found the first one.

Nomad, which looks a bit like a Beetle, is a prototype for robots that could once be used for remote sensing missions on other planets. The robot is 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters, weighs 725 kilograms, moves on four wheels at a speed of 50 centimeters per second and can pass over rough obstacles. Because of its coarseness, all four computers can be placed on it, enabling its autonomy. For the first time, a robot is now on the road to automatically track rocks from space and classify them with the instruments in its robotic arm. In the field in eastern Antarctica, scientists have already discovered more than 2,000 stones on Fubmarsch in seven years, including EET79001, which is believed to have come from Mars: "Until now, exploration robots have taken pictures, collected data, and brought back what they saw to scientists so they could make investigations and decisions", Says Red Whittacker, project leader. "This time Nomad will make his own assessments and conclusions about the stones he encounters."

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