Continue guessing flight mh370

Iranian wanted to travel to Germany with stolen passport

Police in the Thai vacation metropolis of Pattaya have established the identity of the man who booked seats for the two men with stolen European passports on the plane that disappeared on Saturday.

According to the authorities, the person in question is Iranian national Kazem A., who is behind the unregistered agencies "Grand Horizon" and "Six Stars Travel" and often orders tickets for other people, which is why they are now investigating whether he is a smuggler. Besides smugglers, drug mules also often use stolen passports. However, the police have not yet found any evidence to suggest this possibility.

That Kazem A. The Thai security authorities do not believe that the two travelers with the stolen passports are involved in a terror plot. A. A Hasem did not ask at the travel agency for specific flights, but only for cheap ones to Copenhagen and Frankfurt. The tickets for the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared without a trace on Saturday were paid for by an Iranian living in Pattaya named "Hasem" in cash.

According to the Malaysian inspector Khalid Abu Bakar, one of the two people stolen is the 19-year-old Iranian citizen Pouria M., who wanted to enter Germany illegally to visit his mother. The other of the two passengers with stolen documents did not have Asian facial features, according to a photo published by the BBC, as some media outlets erroneously reported earlier. This explains why the passport control staff in Malaysia did not suspect, despite the Austrian and Italian passport.

Of the numerous reports of possible wreckage in the sea between Vietnam and Borneo, none has so far led to a trace of the missing aircraft. The authorities are therefore looking further west, in the Strabe of Malacca. This is where the plane could have gone if it made a U-turn and then flew on unnoticed. In the meantime, it is no longer ruled out that the plane did not crash in the sea, but in the mountainous jungle.

Experts have now come up with an answer to the riddle that radar detected a turning movement shortly before the plane disappeared Saturday that they believe is more likely than an uninformed turnaround by the pilot: According to them, the rear part of the plane, when it breaks apart due to an explosion, generates a signal that looks like an about-turn.