Cross platform development: qt 6.2 responds missing modules from the 5 series

The QT Company has the first beta of QT 6.2 published. The release should finally with the module circumference of the 5.Fight x version of the cross-platform framework. There are also some assessments in the already ported modules, including particle effects in QT Quick3D and advanced features in QT Core.

Version 6.2 becomes the first LTS release (Long-Term Support) of the 6.X series, but like version 5.15 as last 5.X-LTS Release Only for the commercial variant. At the beginning of 2020, the QT Company had adjusted a few conditions and enrolled the long-term support.

The lights in the module sound can be found

The well-groomed hurde when switching from QT 5.X On the 6 Series is so far in the lubrication implementation of the modules. So the QT Company had the QT 6 published in December 2020.0 denoted and contested as an incomplete starting point for the next QT generation, the lights compared to 5.X to fuel with the first two point releases. The version 6 published in May.1 brought eight missing modules with.

Now Follow Follow Other Modules: QT Bluetooth, QT Multimedia, Qt NFC, QT Positioning, Qt Remote Objects, Qt Sensors, Qt Serialbus, Qt SerialPort, Qt WebChannel, QT Wenbengine, QT WebSockets and QT WebView. This contains QT 6.2 According to blog post all frequently used QT add-on modules. Compared to the roadmap published in April, however, lacks the Qt Interface Framework in the list as the successor of Qt IVI.

In addition to the ported modules, the release with QT Quick Dialogue has a new module for implementing native dialogs on board. The framework uses the respective native variant and accesses Qt Quick when no native implementations are available. At the start, the Filedialog module for file accesses and font dialog for the selection of fonts with.

Numerous assessments

The QT Company has also extended the already ported modules. So the central module QT Core gets the new comparison function QBearRAarrayView :: Compare , and in Qt Quick, individual cells can be selected in a TableView. QT QML now optional chain and brings a public CMAKE API for QML Modules (QT Modeling Language).

Qt Quick 3D offers 3D particles a new API for particle effects in 3D scenes. Under the hood, the module with Instanced Rendering optimizations for drawing multiple instances of the same object with different transformations.

Operating systems and roadmap

On operating system side can now be QT-6.Create X applications for Windows on the ARM64 platform. Android developers and developers find a new API for permissions. The APIs implemented in QT Android extras hiking in QT Base. Views such as SDKVersion that were previously found in the module are now under QNIVEInterface :: QandroidApplication.

Further details on the innovations can be found in the QT blog. The QT Company wants to deliver additional beta releases automated via the online installer of the framework. After the planning status of the current roadmap, the final release of QT 6 should.2 appear at the end of September.