Ecitaro g: daimler build electric articulated bus – even with hard body battery

Daimler wants to offer another electric city bus with the Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro G. As the short suggests, it is a hinge bus that offers up to 157 passengers and also a driver. For the ECITARO G, according to the manufacturer, there are good 60 performed; He should be delivered this year.

As the first omnibus of its category, the Ecitaro G is optionally delivered with hard corner batteries, Daimler shared with. These are lithium-polymer batteries in which the usually liquid electrolyte is in a solid form. This battery type does not use cobalt, nickel or manganese. With seven battery packs, the ECITARO G reaches a total capacity of 441 kWh, which is intended for urban use of urban use.

Ranges with fuel cell

Otherwise, the Ecitaro G with lithium-ion batteries in NMC execution will be considered, which should come to a capacity of 396 kWh again this year. Mercedes-Benz wants to offer both battery locations, as hard corner batteries in contrast to lithium-ion batteries are very engraved for a quick and thus permanent loading.

Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro and Ecitaro G

The Kinkbus Ecitaro G has two electric wheel hub motors.

The lithium-ion batteries can also be found in the Solobus Ecitaro, which Daimler had announced two years ago and the meanwhile in Mannheim in series runs from the band. He is in a three-digit stuck count in some European cities in a stable use. From 2022, the range of the Ecitaro and the hinge bus should be expanded with a fuel cell.