Elastic 7.11: many new features – and not as free software for the first time

Elastic 7.11: Many new features - and not as free software for the first time

Elastic has version 7.11 of their software publishes – the first release under the new license. It extends the security, observability and search products from Elastic Enterprise. Users can now search data from AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Storage stored snapshots. These snapshots interact with the Elastic Cloud, which results in savings in the storage costs.

Warnings at (dangerous) amendments

Generally available, the centrally manageable alerting framework that captures all changes in the Elastic Stack and in external systems. It warns with important amendments in the system or threats. New is the integration into platforms like Servicenow, Microsoft Teams and Pagerduty.

Elastic Enterprise Search can have a new webcrawler that demands information from publicly accessible websites and makes them searchable in app search. So far, it was possible to use users to record content on JSON Upload, Pasting and API endpoints. The rules for the web crawler can now be set without code only by mouse click.

The ELASTIC OBSERVABILITY area is waiting with new surfaces. So ELASTIC APM is a new view for the Service Integratit. It summarizes all interesting information for services: dependencies, traffic, time series diagrams, deployment markers and more. Elastic Metrics gets a heatmap that allows users to quickly recognize and resolve infrastructure problems.

Elastic 7.11: Many new features - and not as free software for the first time

Elastic APM: The new view to the service entry rate is to make a quick overview.

In the beta phase, on the other hand, there are still the runtime fields, with which the indexing scheme already defines itself for the query time. Runtime fields support new use cases, users must not re-index their data. In combination with Schema on Read, it is possible to create dynamic data structures already at the time of the search. Running time fields are currently available for ElasticSearch, an offer in Kibana is planned.

In order to be able to keep data about the security screening long, there is a so-called "cold" Data level for object memory available. Security state it is so possible to have the necessary data for the long-term threats and analyze the necessary data. Furthermore, Elastic recognition methods further developed using Machine Learning to better discover attacks on Microsoft 365, Okta or Google Workspace.

For the first time not as free software

Further information can be found on the Blog of Elastic. The software first appeared under the in-house Elastic and Apache-2 license. The latter solute The SSPL AB, a license that does not warn organizations such as the OSI as open source and warn companies from legal risks in use. The step had pulled discussions of the community.

Furthermore, the Elastic license is now also available in a new version. It explicitly prohibits cloud providers to offer the software third parties as a managed service. This is aimed primarily on Amazon, the cloud division AWS had offered its own elasticsearch distribution. Elastic accuses the provider, among other, trademark infringements and means that there has never been a will for cooperation.

Amazon Plant now to develop your own fork; Also another FORK under guided logz.Io should appear. The with the new version 7.11 featured functions will not appear in these previously linked projects in the same form.