Electric cars: china criticizes tesla

Electric cars: China criticizes Tesla

Chinese authorities have admonished Tesla to respond more to customer complaints. Among other things, it is about complaints because of battery beds, unexpected acceleration and failed software updates over radio, such as Chinese media report.

The US electric car manufacturer suggested in a Weibo post, he will review the causes for the complaints and his business expires and strictly adheres to the Chinese consumer protection laws China Daily.

Create consumer interests

Recently, among other things, representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, Industrial Ministry and the State Market Supervisory Authority met with Tesla representatives. These were referred to the complaints and has been prompted to maintain consumer interests more efficiently, it is called in a government announcement.

Tesla has short in China good 36.000 vehicles of models S and X are called. You seem to have the same possible malfunctions of the control software as the 135.000 vehicles, the Tesla back in the US.

Tesla is the first non-Chinese automobile manufacturer, which builds a work in China, which is fully in its possession. In Shanghai SUV of the model Y and Model 3 are to be manufactured. The latter was last year in China with over 130.000 copies the best selling.