Eu commission: million penalty for steam operators valve and funf game companies

EU Commission: Million penalty for Steam operators Valve and funf game companies

7.8 million euros penalty Muses Valve – the operator of the Game Platform Steam – as well as five other game companies pay because they have violated antitrust law. The EU Commission saw it as proved that the companies made agreements for GeOblocking during the distribution of computer games. Besides Valve, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Cook Media and Zenimax are affected.

According to EU communication, FUF companies had agreed with Valve, games that have been distributed over other handlers on DVD or online with geographically enabled activation connections from Steam. These games then only love them from certain countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Experiments of users to authenticate themselves with these Keys, were blocked from 2010 to 2015. Also four of the companies had an appointment with other handlers by 2018, to surprise largeable sells.

Geblocking at 100 games

Overall, this geblocking has affected around 100 game titles of different genres, including sports, simulation and action games. EU consumers had the advantage of the benefit of choosing the best deal in various Member States of the European Economic Area, demonstrating the EU Commission.

"Today, because of the Geblocking practices of Valve and FunF PC video gaming supplies, pubes serve as a reminder that it is prohibited to the companies under EU competition law contractually restrict the constrained sales", explained the for competition policy stated EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

No punishment for valve

The punishment for Steam alone loves to 1.6 million euros. The company has decided against cooperation with the EU Commission – unlike the five gaming companies, which therefore also valued between 10 and 15 percent on their penalties. FOCUS Home needs to pay almost 2.9 million euros, Zenimax 1.6 million euros, Koch Media 977.000 Euro, Capcom 396.000 Euro and bandai namco 340,000 euros. The examination of the EU Commission against the gaming companies has been running since 2017.