Hamburg: the most important it state?

Hamburg: The most important IT state?

Who thinks about Hamburg, sees huge ships, the Sundige St. Pauli and the Elbphilharmonie. But we follow an evaluation of the industry association BITKOM should come to a more computer, software and online games in mind. Because therefore, Germany’s second graved city has the highest density of IT specialists among all 16 federal tags. So the Bitkom Hamburg has also "Smartest city" Germany’s throat with 79.2 out of 100 application points in the Smart City Index. He shows how much German citys put on digital technology.

Nationwide come to 100.000 employees subject to social security contributions 2600 IT experts. Their share rises, because in the previous year it was only 2400. In comparison among the federal tags, Hamburg has the highest share of IT experts in Berlin and Hesse: here it is 4.2 percent and thus significantly more than on average. Berlin follows 3.5 percent before Hesse at 3.3 percent. Hamburg has compared to the previous year by 100 IT experts per 100.000 procured. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern stagnates and carries the red lantern with 0.9 percent.

"Digitization is in Hamburg Chief thing"

Where does it come from? "The political conditions are good, the Senate has set up a digital strategy and develops this continuously. And digitization is in Hamburg chief thing", Says Lena Flohre, Speaker Landespolitik in BITKOM. The Chief-Digital Officer is connected directly to the Senate Chancellery, creating innovative projects quickly and successfully driven successfully, such as the test field for autonomous driving in the Hamburg City.

The Smart City Index is awarded in FUF themed fields, in mobilitat (96.8 points) and society (93.4 points) is a long front of Hamburg. The Hanseatic city is about the model in "Multimodalitat": With "HVV SWITCH" Is there an OPNV app that allows you to select the fastest route from all the transport products available including sharing offers and booking tickets.

The inhabitants of the city were able to inform themselves particularly well digitally and have a say in addition to an extensive transparency portal and a burger participation platform, there is also the possibility to stream the debates of the Hamburg burgerism live out of the plenary. These are two essential reasons for Hamburg to defend his title as a Smarteste City from the past year.

Bayern has the most ITLER

Absolutely considered in Bavaria with around 176.500 Most staff in IT professions in a German state. Every fun German IT expert works in Bavaria and whose capital Munchchen is at 8 percent the city in Germany with most IT professionals. However, the federal state with the highest density on IT experts is related to the population density. Absolutely it is 42.000. This high density shows above all one: the city state has future-proof jobs. More than any other state.

How does the high density of IT experts explain? "Our economic structure is crucial", Says Michaela Olschlitter, Head of the Business Area Innovation and Environment in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In the Hanseatic city, in the IT industry, there is a healthy mix of regional companies such as Google, SAP, Lufthansa Industry Solutions but also a very successful middle class as well as middle-class family businesses and a variety of IT freelancers.