Incident causes escalation between russia and nato

Russian volunteers from eastern Ukraine now in the Syrian army? Russian media celebrate Russian precision bombs and good weather in Syria for airstrikes

In the attacks on alleged terrorist positions in Syria, on 3. October a Russian SU-30 fighter penetrated a few hundred meters into Turkish airspace near Yayladagı in Hatay province and left it after encountering two Turkish F-16s that were on patrol flight. Turkey summoned the Russian ambassador, Turkish Aubenminister Davutoglu warned that any violation of airspace would be responded to according to martial law.

The talk is that the incident could have led to a military exchange of strikes. The Russian Defense Ministry explained that it was a navigation error. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, on the other hand, said after a meeting with the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Sinirlioglu that it had been a case of a "unacceptable violation" of Turkish airspace acted to criticize Russia’s airstrikes in Syria in general: "Russia’s actions do not contribute to the security and stability of the region."

So far, however, the same cannot be said of the military intervention by the U.S.-led alliance, which is now concerned that Russian fighter jets in the fight against all "Terrorists" also fight those supported by the U.S., Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, even if they themselves are Islamists or hold ties to, say, al-Nusra, which has so far been spared American airstrikes even though it is an al-Qaida group (Syria: Mitigated Opposition?).

Stoltenberg urged Russia not to let tensions with the alliance escalate and to "The international community in the fight against the Islamic State" . By this, he probably meant that the U.S.-led coalition was happy to be seen as a proxy for the international community, the members of which were.a. just bomb Yemen or have started a war with PKK. The renewed civil war with the PKK was apparently not a topic that Stoltenberg wanted to address, who reiterated his solidarity with Turkey, which the EU will also show to the country in the face of refugees. From the U.S. Department of Defense, the New York Times quotes an unnamed source as saying that the incident did not happen by accident.

NATO eventually ied a statement expressing particular concern about the attacks on targets in Hama, Homs and Idlib, which it said were not directed against IS and had killed civilians. Russia is urged, "Immediately" the attacks on the not near named "Syrian opposition and civilians" cease. The intrusion into NATO airspace is also condemned and Russia is asked to quickly declare this, which Russia has already done, however, even if you do not have to believe the navigation error.

The Russian Defense Ministry continues to release videos of the bombings.

It could also be amed that the incident is being played up because the Turkish government does not like the Russian intervention at all. Turkey is urging the establishment of a "protection zone" in the very region where Russian aircraft are also attacking targets "Protection Zone" an to prevent Kurdish-controlled areas on the Turkish border from closing the remaining gap and to help Turkish-backed groups take action against Assad, which is more important to Turkey than fighting IS.

The Russian Defense Ministry continued airstrikes today, reporting that they had successfully destroyed numerous IS positions with Su-34, Su-24M, and Su-25 fighter jets, u.a. even in the province of Ar-Raqqah, which is controlled by the Islamic State. The IS was thus deprived of control and logistical supply. And they have learned to provide the public with pictures of the campaign as well.