Norway: islamcritical party is standing before government responsibility

Conservative and right parties loose the red-red-green coalition

After the parliamentary elections on Monday Norway is a change of government in the house. The four conservatives to right parties form a clear majority according to the last extrapolations and will exhaust the eight years of red-red-green coaltion under the Social Democrats Jens Stoltenberg. Although Stoltenberg can retract the most votes with his Arbeiderparties (Social Democrats) with around 30 percent, but he achieves no majority with the Sosialistisk VenStreparti (SV), the left and the senter parting, a kind of green farmer party, no majority.

The probably art headquarters Erna Solberg. Image:

President Minister Presentess of the country becomes Erna Solberg, the boss of the conservative party H√łyre, which reached almost 27 percent. Solberg, who has been bullied for a long time because of her body in political milieu, is considered consensary art. She strives for an EU membership of the country, is a BeKenenne Merkel worshiper and represents the better earners. She wants less state, more competition and thus a covert independence of OL and gas from the North Sea, which already brought 560 miliards euros in the country in funds. Existential problems do not plague the country, but it was a general Stoltenberg-Mudeness wide.

Remains open whether the cristel Folkeparti involved in a coalition in addition to the liberal veins. She rejects cooperation with the right third-party critical field ("Progression party") from values. However, the involvement of the rugged such as popular SIV Jensen, whose party is 16 per cent, Solberg can hardly renounce. Thus, for the first time, an Islam-critical party in Norway to government.

The progress party reached almost 23 percent in 2009 elections in 2009 and was therefore only behind the ruling Music Partitor (Social Democrats) with 35.4 percent. But by the attack of Anders Breivik on 22. July 2011 came the grouping in a surprise. Because Breivik himself was a member of their youth organization until 2006, temporarily in conductivity until he devised from the party.

If he also joined later more radical groupings, with the warning against a creeping Islamization of Norway, before the introduction of Sharia, Breivik’s ideology and the progress party acknowledged. Jensen had to be struck, Breivik "behaved" to have, whereupon the spirited politician caught unbreakable. The survey values fell to 12 percent. But with a moderate style, Jensen were able to conceal confidence in recent months.

Norway: Islamcritical party is standing before government responsibility

SIV JENSEN Let’s celebrate after the election. Picture: Miniature Cross Part Ty

Your political home, the "Progress party", was founded in 1973 as countermovement to the Social Democratic Welfare State under the anti-communist differently. In the 1980s, the party with open-minded slogans against the increasing immigration mood made.

Jensen is considered a thoroughbred politician who resumes the private and continue to be single. Since 1988, the 1969 born of the party arrived, in 2006, the studied economian took over the Presidency of this party, which was a long time as a mannerbastion with low proportion of women.

Less state and against Muslims

"freedom" Is Jensen’s central topic. It is first the freedom of their model Margaret Thatcher, the liberation of too high taxes and too much state. The high taxes collected in Norway are unauthorized, as the public sector does not really work, patients had to wait too long in health care, patients had to wait too long due to a substantial authority. Then on the other hand, the freedom is of a rough Islamic influence of just under 200,000 Muslims in the mainly Lutheran Norwegian Society with a population of funf million people.

With increasing survey values, Jensen recently gave something to the tone again or overlooks this other party members, such as the head of the Oslo Group, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who sees his country in a Kulturwar with Islam and claims that Muslims celebrate Christmas in the To prevent schools. A briefly created analysis of the party to the situation of immigration Jensen is too focused shortly before the government participation, they shortly distanced themselves.

Intrentially, Stoltenberg warned the Wahler and Erna Solberg in advance of a government formation with the progress party. One "Crafted politics" drain. On Saturday, it guaranteed media-effective with his signature, not to coalize with Jensen’s party.

Maybe not just swept, but for the Scandinavian consensus culture is unusual, the new coalitation will be already. Jensen, the current premier "Tschuss Jens" to be collected by the campaign base, led up like a rock star and self-confidence wanted to negotiate hard with Solberg.

Finally, your pension of the party, which so far no government responsibility, want to see deeds. And also lake the expectation to act harder against the Muslim Norwegians, despite all the raided Rhethorik. The party, which once belonged to Breivik, is under the prere of international observation.