The business with the terrorist warnings

The fellow staff persecuted by Frankfurt was an air bubble

In the US, the government has hired itself to hold up a permanent risk of terror. With the National Threat Level designed for some time, the risk of terrorist attack continues to be set to "increased", although neither terrorist attack had taken place even serious planning, while in Iraq Tag for Tag take place with many dead and injured persons. There you are invaded to evaporate the risk of terror and make the world safer.

Also in the UK, where you also take over how much others the beautiful idea of the threat degree from the gross brother, they hold iron and undescribed in the evaluation "serious" or. On the warning of the high probability of a directly threatening terrorist attack, again and once again just indiscovered stop planes and warnly warns of the terrorist danger in the domestic, which can always strike everywhere and everywhere. The strategy is transparent and especially politically motivated.

Now, the beaten by the Federal Prosecutor’s office has also been against six men, the "for hitherto unknown behind men of a terrorist association", who had begun the beautiful formulation, "preparations for an explosives attack on a commercial aircraft" had started as a bound message disappointed. The Federal Ministry of the Interior jumped quickly on the car of terror warning. Stefan Keller, the spokesman of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, went after the announcement of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the case is a proof that it is the always propagated threat by terrorists by no purely abstract dangling. "We have to expect that there are always groups of people who carry concrete stop planning in themselves." In the Ministry of the Interior and from others, it stressed that "prevention" of the attack is "encouraging" and show that the introduced measures are effective.

After the six introduced manner FUNF have been put back to free FUB immediately, it was already clear that the matter could not be so threatening, as it was all of the sound and the media – it is an official message of the Federal Lawyer – Brav continued. Example only a comment in the world:

Germany in the visor Only last week, GeneralBundesanwaltin Monika Harms warns, the supposed security floral of the Germans to be "trugger". How right you had.

Almost everyone had something of it: The Federal Prosecutor’s Office could show that one was active and praventively successful, some politicians were able to strike the confirmation that their propagated and survivored anti-terror and monitoring measures were justified and the threat situation is concretely, and the media Hupf with such a topic of course, because terror is always a good news. In the population, as it is first happened in the case of the Berliner Oper, is a fear of all involved and hysteria. The Suddeutsche writes today:

As the SZ learned from safety circles, the investigators had laid the case because of his nullity but longed to the files. Even behind the act, of which the federal prosecutor had spoken, did not exist according to the safety circles.

A real workup usually does not take place. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office points to how not otherwise expected, every criticism back. The SZ said a spokesman, of course, "fully correct" behavior. The communication on the measures of the investigative authority is a sign of new openness. Uberdies never panic history and "from the beginning said that the attack was not even near the implementation". However, this is already a bit different in the official communication, even if you have thought differently in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office:

The accused are every suspicious to have started in the Federal Republic of Germany for previously unknown back man of a terrorist association with the preparations for an explosive attack on a commercial aircraft. For this purpose, several accused people approached a person in the summer of 2006, which had access to the security area of an airport. This person was pleased to smuggle a suitcase or a bag with explosives against remuneration in a commercial airplane. From the circle of the accused, several times has been contacted several times with the previously unknown behind manners without having to achieve a final agreement on the high of the promised remuneration.

The measures carried out on Friday and Saturday of the investigative authorities served the aim of providing evidence on the state of planning, which involved persons and behind manners as well as the contracting terrorist grouping.

Also in the Suddeutsche, which now at least about the flap and criticism of alarmism Aubert, was, of course, the largely uncommented transfer of the notification from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office: Terror-Important planned attack on plane in Germany. However, such rapid media shot are part of the alarmism. And if the Suddeutsche could report on the structure on the basis of information "high security officers in Berlin", this indicates that in the ranks of the "high security officers" reasonable and critical people can be found. But they had to speak more clearly and do not leave the field to politicians. They were not least guilty of the burgers.