The sims uben democracy

About the Kasperletheater of Participation in Civil Society

Remember the murdered burger? In the school lessons of the Seventies and Fruhen eighties he was a welcome guest – Landauf, Landab he was presented to schoolers as a character ideal, and with reprint they wrote millions of times in their authors, which wanted their German and community welfare teachers of them. Together with his colleague, the "Burger in uniform" (a kind of mere command-making), made the murdered burger gross career.

In the parallel new social movements of aberished murderous burgers likes to be present before ongoing cameras that they as a murdered burger state quarrels in the construction of nuclear power plants, airport lifts u.a. were not tolerated, at least they do not love to ban their mouth, because protest against the willkur of power is now their securitized fundamental right (s. "Mouth" u. "Burger"To).

This social liberal variant of the "New people", The once the radicals from the APO in mind, however, came into the cabbage ara. The murfish burger began to act like an election dageto with pension entitlement, if in everything he eluded, but only cabbage came out (even if he did not relying). Kohl and his in politics, business and culture was this devaluation of ideas and concepts that the "Sozen" had applied, right right. Red-grun OBLAG it Ironically, from the electoral dagets with pension entitlement to make the customer, so a voting thread without pension entitlement.

But even though the murdy burger was displeased in the public discourse from the customer, he is not gentle sweeping. A compulsory theater as he is to place when it is needed; and it is always used. Also as a customer he may let off steam if it is not too doll "Youth community data" When they have participated in the rescue of the world climate while sending chain letters, consumer-sovereign purchasing "fair" Were and the decision for a certain ocostrom firm and against another.

The murdered burger today appears as a teacher who proper his schoolier "Democracy education" Loans will be used as TV viewers, the distant injustice regime with the shut-off button of his remote control forces the knee, as forced battles in Internet forums and blogs.

Adult education association of democracyimulation

This should probably be participatory democracy, which is obviously a form of democracy, which succeeds the so-called Volkssouveran first Souveran from all real decision-making processes and then per "Participation" under certain conditions back to the house – at least a bit. The common to all these participatory gymnastic substrates is their uselessness. The well-known elections, where nothing is chosen than an idiotic color teacher for seven-year-old; The operating rates that have nothing to advise than over smoke breaks; the "Schoolmitts", Nothing along as the flower decoration in the Aula – they have turned into a popular school of democracyimulation, with a super-diversified course offer that has something to offer for every taste.

The G8 protests from last year, the flash mobs and funny actions coming back in fashion (see APO 2.0?) As a symbolic policy, part of the flower decoration on the concrete of a steadily more perfecting class society, which has the social democratic compromise behind, but still needs democracyimulation and propaganda. A democracy of the customers just – quite self-determined and free they eliminate the miographic in the problem supermarket, in which under the prevailing conditions guarantees nothing to change. The useless solutions are equal to a shelf.

Where everything has become compulsive force, the freedom of choice is experienced a breeze of the jummer style. Seen from this perspective, the Berlin Republic strikes more and more like a capitalist GDR. Everyone is allowed to participate even in the case of socket collections, youth and at the block parties, if it does not hinder capitalist value chip.

Even worse than this Kasperletheater is, of course, that one can hardly wish to end an end to the presentation. A replacement of the democracy sims through active German, which go to the strain for people and the fatherland, and a more effective Volkssouveran, who, when governing qua referendum, reduces the death penalty – probably hardly any alternative to the status quo. And certainly in some forms of opposition, at least the potential to make certain cracks in social concrete make it clear (S. The G8 protests, flash mobs, and funny actions in the Bundestag).

Not every attempt to interfere with that is wrong because he uses nothing. But sometimes one wonders what was happening when the flower painting was abandoned. Imagine, it’s Second Life, and really no one goes more. You can call this a utopia of silence: that in her the questions become loud, around which it is actually. It’s never to spat to dream.