Un boss warns against corona mutation – china’s party feet before division

UN boss warns against corona mutation - China's party feet before division

Un General Secretar Antonio Gutres has called for a hurry in the worldwide distribution of Corona vaccines. "If the industrialist believe that they are safe when they vaccinate their own people and neglect the developmental standards, they are wrong", Said Gentres on Monday in a VideoRede at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). "There is now the clear, real danger of mutations that make the virus transferable or even or more resistant to existing vaccines. We have to act fast."

More vaccine for all

The worldwide production capacity of the remedies for the occlusion of the Covid-19-pandemic had to be massively expanded and licenses are provided, called for Morentres. In addition, MUSSE will ensure that the vaccines are affordable in poor parts of the earth. "Vaccines must be considered as a global public", said the UN boss and was a better financing of the international corona vaccination initiative Covax.

The renowned US Corona expert Anthony Fauci reported on the difficult corona situation in its country: "It is extremely problematic to deal with a crisis of public health when the country is in the middle of a split", said the head of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (NiaID). "If questions of public health are politically charged – if wearing a mask is a political statement – then you can not imagine how harmful the for a public health message is."

China’s state and party leader Xi Jinping spoke against the background of growing tensions between his country and the US or Europe for more international cooperation and free world trade. The problems of the world could not be solved by any country alone, said Xi Jinping on Monday in a video to open the virtual annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

To make small carriers, the world will only continue to columns. Without concrete to the multitude of newly detected US sanctions against China, Xi Jinping is more widely warned to threaten other countries or to assess sanctions, to initiate a decoupling of the economies or interruption of supply chains. Even thirst aufenhandelpolitik is not at the expense of other countries. Notwithstanding the criticism of persistent market barriers in China, Xi Jinping secured again that China continues to open.

After the office in Washington

After 2017, it was the second appearance of the Chinese Prasident on the annual meeting. At that time, Xi Jinping had used the meeting after the investment of Donald Trump to present himself in contrast to the new US prasident and its protectionism as a pioneer of free world trade.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier went out to open market and multilateralism in a valley crowd from a changed position of the USA. This was something very controversial in the debates with the USA for four years. With a view to the new US government under Joe Biden, the CDU politician said: "Now we should give you a chance to not only develop your ideas, but also implement."

The traditional annual meeting of the World Economic Forum will take place online for the first time because of the Corona Pandemic and not in Swiss Davos. By Friday, representatives from politics, business and society in online rounds are discussed on current challenges such as the pandemic and climate change. An actual meeting wants the Global Economic Forum this year but also to align: at the end of May, divisional links, top politicians and board representatives in Singapore are said to come together.