Volunteers or soldner?

According to the Human Rights Organization HRW, the Ostucraine finds "armed conflict" and therefore the right of war for all conflict parties

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has made aware in a report that the "armed conflict" in the Ostukraine between Ukrainian dispute and "armed groups / uptairs" according to international war law represents an internal armed conflict. The armed groups must be sufficiently organized and desired to carry out military actions. This was given in the Eastern Ukraine, which is why international war rights is here, D.H. The conflicting parties have to comply with international humanitarian rules of Geneva conventions.

Volunteers or Soldner?

The militia Azov is funded privately and also searches camphor from abroad.

The right of war must also be maintained if the other side does not stop it. Attacks can only be carried out on military goals, direct attacks on civilians and civil targets are also prohibited as excessive and undirected violence. Civilians can not be used as a protective shield, artillery shot or bombing of military targets in densely populated areas can be violated against martial rights if not everything is done to reduce the risk of civilians. Journalists who do not participate in fights, thirst "No way" to be attacked. Radio and television broadcasters can only be attacked when used directly for military purposes, which also applies to airport, bridges and strain. Prisoners must be adequately supplied and can not be abused.

However, Ukraine did not ratify the ROM Statute, so the International Court (ICC) can only determine against the clarity of the war law, if there is a decision of the UN Security Council or if the accused burger is a country recognized by the ICC. Russia is also – as well as the US – no Contracting State. The pursuit of possible war crimes will therefore be difficult if it is not about the respective opponents.

According to the Geneva Conventions "Combatants", So about religious of separatist militias or "Bonds", prisoner. The designation of the separatist combatants as "Terrorist" or "criminal", How this is maintained in Kiev by official site, also serves to undermine this protection. Article 44 of the "Additional protocol over the protection of victims of international armed conflicts" Says:

Although all combatants are required to comply with the rules of the Volker right applicable in armed conflicts, a combattant does not see the right to vary as a combatant or if he is in the violence of an opposing party to apply as a prisoner of war.

Exceptions are available "humid" Behavior if a combatant does not differ from the civil avocculation and his weapons are not open with themselves. Exceptions are there for spies and for Soldner. Since it is repeatedly asserted by Ukrainian side that on the part of the separatists of solvers from Russia or other states participate, this point is particularly interesting. For example, the Supreme NATO commander, General Breedlove, had not spoken on Monday by Soldings in Ukraine, but of "Russian irregulars", which are very active in Ukraine. Meant are probably also Soldner. The Russian disputes were helped to help campers, equipment and money in Ukraine:

Russian Regular Forces Are Very Active Along The Border Of Ukraine Facilitating The Movement Of Forces, Equipment, And Finances Across That Border. Russian Irregular Forces Are Very Active Inside Eastern Ukraine. Russian-Backed Forces Are Active Inside Eastern Ukraine. And Russian Financing is very active inside Eastern Ukraine.

General BreedLove

As Soldner applies according to the additional protocol

  1. Anyone who has recruited in Germany or abroad for the special purpose to fight in an armed conflict,
  2. who actually participates directly in hostilities,
  3. Anyone who participates in enemizations, above all due to personal profit and who has actually obtained the commitment of material temper by or on behalf of a party involved in the conflict, which is much higher than that of the combatants of the dispute of this party in comparable ranking and with similar tasks promised or paid temper,
  4. Anyone who is neither the nationality of a party involved in the conflict is still inaccessible in a party controlled by a conflict-controlled area,
  5. Who does not belonged to the crowd of a party involved in the conflict and
  6. who has not been sent by a state not involved in the state of official order as a reluctant of his dispute.

Above all, curious seems to be the point that Soldner must earn more than regular soldiers. Also that the pursuit of personal profit must be crucial, for example, in the case of Ukraine, it was difficult to prove.

Volunteers or Soldner?

Camphor of the battalion Azov

It is interesting, however, that recently two MPs of the Nationalist and Right Extra Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) want to change the Russian Soldner Law. Party Fee Vladimir Schirinowski is not only known for its numerous provocations, he is also deputy chairman of the Duma, so has quite political influence. Expective the two deputies want to achieve that Russian State Burgers who are the "Foliage", So the militias of separatists in Donbass, connected, be used before a criminal persecution. This should happen that Russian Burger should no longer be classified as Soldner, if there is a fight for the money, but from our own conviction abroad.

In doing so, reference is made to the additional protocol because the definition in the Russian Criminal Code is only the formulation containing that Soldner "With the aim of a material spirit" Act. In contrast to the exports in the additional protocol, the SOLD can be lower than that of one in the rank and task spectrum comparable soldiers. In addition, the members of the Militizens of the Ukrainian Oligarche Ihor Kolomojsky, who has been used since Marz by the Ukrainian transition government as a governor of Dnepropetrovsk, with allegedly 1000 hryvnia daily earn more than normal soldiers. But they were not referred to as Soldner because they are Ukrainian burgers. The governor has ever been a Pram of 10 in April.000 US dollars for each prisoner relatist and, for example, the volunteer unit DNEPR in cooperation with the right sector, which he finances. Russia wants to put him on the Interpol list for war crimes.

Volunteers or Soldner?

Fascistoide asthetics over the militias from West Ukraine. The pictures of the Ukrainian and separatist militias are similar to those of the Islamist groups: men who are in love with their weapons and in poses of strong present animals.

The state news agency Ria Novosti writes, it was "very difficult", Russian volunteers who had ruled in Yugoslavia, Transnistria or Abkhazia as Soldner to classify the goods so now in Ukraine, here were the "Russian volunteers" usually not paid. The liberal democrats were likely to motivate more Russians with their proposal of a legislative chantation to send themselves to the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. RIA NOWOSTI notices: "However, there was no attention to the volunteer only damage and the government in Kiev in an additional reason to introduce Russia to the composition of the conflict." So you do not like to see this legislative initiative in Moscow, especially since this means that already numerous "Volunteer" – or Soldner? – in Ukraine are tatig. As a volunteer they were combatants and protected by martial law, not as Soldner.

According to messages Urkainic media, the Russians Grenzubergange have blocked and Russian "Mercenary" Shot to prevent you from returning from Ukraine to Russia. However, the goods are strange when the "Mercenary" actually controlled by Russia. Or should this be scared, to move the militants to defeat the weapons?

After the boss of the Ukrainian secret service SBU, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Russia continues "Mercenary" and gross amounts of weapons of grenades over machine guns to tanks pass the border: "Russia has to stop this by all means."