Wednesday: china rules, youtube wages, lyft numbers, audi-test cyber catastrophe

Wednesday: China rules, YouTube wages, Lyft numbers, Audi test  amp; Cyber catastrophe

In Asia, online gaming is booming and that’s good for the shops of Chinese companies. But now the government hits the middle of the middle alarm and complains the gaming in children. Finally, the ubiquitous smartphones can be taken to bed almost uncontrollable. That in turn has an impact on Tencent, one of China’s biggest companies – the most important news in the short overview.

In China will Criticized online games violently and they portrayed as harmful to the development of children. State media speak of "Opium for the mind" and "Electronic drugs". As a result, the share price of the leading Chinese technical and game concerts Tencent has gained significantly. Tencent reacts to the authority with restrictions for young people, but Tencent’s share price still falls after China’s online gaming.

Video production is not gaming, but some short films are playing. This means that Make money with Youtube shorts now, because YouTube stands against Tiktok. To catch up with the residue, Youtube needs more new short films. To boost such productions, the alphabet daughter attracts money. Who own short videos highlights, the popular can be up to 10.000 US dollars received a month. In the fight against TKTOK pays Youtube Bares for popular short films.

Make money also wants the American ride agent Lyft, But so far it is not yet. The overcomer has succeeded after all, To recover millions of passengers, more than double the quarterly sales, and significantly reduce net losses. After years of money burning, the finance reserves have remained stable since the beginning of the year and Lyft chauffeurs allegedly earn as much as never before.

Of the Audi e-tron GT was rarely used for Lyft transports, because it’s the new one Electric top model of the brand. The sports sedan has one of the rare functioning e-route planner and an active battery heater, is economical and strong. This is true for the speed at the charging pan as well as on the strain. A Gran Turismo in the word of the word is not how the electric car Audi E-Tron GT shows in the test.

Configured is that three times in two weeks Hacker grossly attacked public public institutions to have. A hospital has already opened his treats a day after infestation. the City administrations made it harder. After more than two weeks, Anhalt-Bitterfeld builds a new emergency infrastructure and Geisenheim is at least for "three weeks offline". The district administration has proclaimed Cyber disasters after Ransomware and Trojan attacks.

These Cyber problems are not necessarily the theme of Le Klotz, Professor at the University of Virginia. There he teaches engineering, architecture and economy, but also has an interdisciplinary Initiative for behavioral science fragmented. His current research results: If there are problems to loose, most people instinctively add something. It is called in his psychology: Why things leave lingering.