Wi-fi-wireless memory card

Wi-Fi-wireless memory card

Most inexpensive 3D printers may receive printed files for lack of network connection on a memory card or via the USB port. This is not only more duly, but in the long run for the printer card slot not healthy.

The project Espwebdav of the Github User Ardyesp If there is an elegant way: Over an SD card adapter, it does not only connect a micro SD card to the adapter connections, but also with an ESP8266 module. On this a WebDAV server works (WEb-based DIstributed AUthoring and VESSIONING, Internet Protocol for transferring files), with the help of which files can be stored on the map memory on the map.

If you know that you know: something similar under the name Eyefi. These memory cards, especially for cameras, were able to transfer files on Wi-Fi to a map manufacturer’s internet server, from where you could then access it. After switching off this server, however, this network function did not love to use, local access did not allow the Eyefi cards. This is different with this project, because the server is not somewhere on the Internet, but on the ESP module.

Wi-Fi-wireless memory card

The circuit diagram of the wireless memory card: The memory can be described and read about the SD card connection, but also by ESP.

The card adapter and server is in the printer and is powered by it. About his web surface you send the print files to the map store. The printer can access it quite normally because the server software simply blocks further access by the ESP.

Hardware-like the WLAN memory card project is now even easier, because the hardware is now available on AliExpress fix and ready to buy.

Wi-Fi-wireless memory card

The circuit is ready to buy.

the SD-WiFi named circuit for the price of 14.60 euros even has a USB interface for programming the ESP. This saves the route wiring with a programmer. If the printer has only a micro-SD card slot, you need a corresponding adapter.

However, in the 3D printer you have to start the printing process by hand. A modification of the printer firmware, however, could also make the overflow if you check the card stately from the printer to new files and automatically start when recognizing new files.

In principle, such a circuit is also interesting for others with SD cards. In some cases, such as CANON mirror reflex cameras, this does not work without additional tinkering. The ubergrobe hardware does not fit in a SD slot with lid, it stands out some centimeters. This prevents the clipping of the card compartment and the switch mounted. So the camera does not work.