Afghanistan: superlatives of the “failed state”?

Taliban. Propaganda Photo, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Part 1: Peace Bells and Selfies

The past weeks at Hinduzusch were more politically than just turbulent. The political debate in the country is dominated by potential peace with the Taliban and the upcoming parliamentary elections in October, which are accompanied by ethnic tensions.

When the Islamic Landing Monat Ramadan found an end in mid-June, the Kabul government was proclaimed a ceasefire for the holidays, which was dedicated to the Taliban. After they accepted the offer, took place in Kabul and other parts of the country scenes that had not expected so. Numerous Taliban camps of electricity into the citys to congratulate people – even the soldiers of the Afghan Army – to Sugar Festival (Eid UL-Adha).

Celebrate with the Taliban

In the middle of the Kabuler district Kote Sangi Hissten Taliban camphor her flag and were received by safety fans with joy. One hugged himself, made selfies and drank tea together. In the province of Farah, which was besieged by the Taliban a few days before the Taliban, the governor received traffic in his palace and invited her to eat.

Women also participated in these completely novel peace gestures. In the eastern province of Nangarhar, the political activist Muqadasa Ahmadzai visited with a delegation of the most trammest deepest Taliban area and finished the conversation with the local commander with a solemn act. Ahmadzad put on the young man a turban – a gesture that is honorable, there is not in the Afghan society.

The image of this act was spread in many social media en masses and broke with several ideas and cliches, which sometimes has such a country.

The sound of the Peace Bells was a little new and long expanded for many Afghans. This is not surprising, considering that the country has been in war for almost forty years. "We want peace, at least for a single day", Did a young Afghan from Kabul against the news channel Kabul News.

One day without bloodships must be the Afghan people chewed. But even that has become so unrealistic in recent years.

Afghan burger

The short truce has made many people in mind that the burgers of the same country are fighting on both sides – and warmous. But the peace was short and became gorge – especially from the IS, the Taliban camphor, soldiers and civilians at the same time attack and dead.

In addition, the Taliban guidance explained the ceasefire after the holidays for the holidays for the holidays and continued the trafficers in several provinces their operations. Everything else has been surprised, because at the realitate on the battlefield, the ceasefire has nothing changed.


The Taliban continues to be on the rise and appreciated the influence area of its parallel government. The rhetoric of the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who also wrote in New York Times over his peacekeeping planes and emphasized to always be prepared to face the Taliban guidance of face to face, nothing to talk about. Thus, the prassident has declared the ceasefire long.

During Ghanis Hummange consider his youngest steps as a success and even as "Afghanistan Gandhi" call, other observers are skeptical. "A permanent peace is still unlikely. The Kabul government is mainly about prestige and rhetoric. This also states with the prasidal elections in the next year.

One wants to measure a largely peaceful transfer of power – without disruption. Then the war then goes on as usual", says about Waheed Mozhdah, a political analyst from Kabul. To the main claims of the Taliban belonged to the complete deduction of the foreign troops.

On the one hand, Ghanis government has not received any powers, on the other hand, the deduction is not in its interest. The backup of that corrupt state apparatus, which was built at the end of 2001 with Western Help, can not be maintained only with Eben’s support.