Alternative music services for siri: no real “default”-app possible

Alternative music services for Siri: No real'default'-app moglich'default'-app moglich

Apple has finished first, like a new function in iOS 14.5 will work with the users to use alternative music services as standard offer on the iPhone. So far, Apple’s in-house streaming service Apple Music remains "default"-use. But as now shows, the Group makes users more complicated than expected: there will be no simple setting option to Spotify Co. to set the favorite offer as you know this from e-mail and browser since iOS 14.

As an alternative, Apple operates with Siris "Intelligence"-Function, the language assistor learns, so what the user likes. Like the iPhone manufacturer opposite the IT blog Techcrunch announced, asks Siri in iOS 14.5 First, the service one would like to use when playing a song, album or artists. But this is not automatically to the default offer.

Demand not only the first time

Instead, Siri Father will once again ask which service should be used – based on Apple’s algorithms. This could confuse users who think a setting ranges – and Apple help users stay with Apple Music. Siri demand also influences no system-wide setting; The same does not exist simply.

Furthermore, Siri Intelligence will also ask for other audio offers which service you want to use. So there are own selection options for podcasts and horn birds. Again, a system-wide default switch is missing. Siri spits a (potentially long) list, if you ask for the first time, even this seems to be able to reappear later.

More data = more detailed decisions

After all, Apple plans to allow developers from audio apps to provide new APIs to provide Siri more data about obedient content. This Konne’s Language Assistant then allow userwunsche "with more accuracy" to fulfill, reported Techcrunch. So you can get certain musical directions from a specific app if Siri has learned this. How much this is the users in practice stort and how well the Siri-Ki works are to be seen.

Apple had allowed IOS 13 for the first time that users can use Siri to play music from alternative services such as Spotify. However, you always have to say how the service is called: "Play the Beatles on Spotify" for example. With iOS 14.5 should finally become easier.