Border conflict between pakistan and afghanistan

No good news from Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the Taliban started her contested early year’s offensive. In the last few days she has already demanded 8 deaths among the ISAF strike crafts, including a German soldier of the KSK. During the government coalition politician toplate the use as planned to continue, and the Defense Political Speaker of the SPD, Rainer Arnold, stressed that "statistical" the situation in Afghanistan has become safer in the last last years, the defense policy spokesman of the Grunen, Omid Nouripour said that the deduction from Afghanistan was "The most difficult and dangerous to what the Bundeswehr has ever made".

With the deduction, the dangers for the remaining ISAF soldiers continue to grow. In addition to the uncertainty that prevails in parts of the country, and the weak, corruption-protected Central Government – Prasident Karzai, the CIA funds confirmed and demanded the further payments – has been a conflict with Pakistan for days, which could further deteriorate the situation. Today again Afghan and Pakistani soldiers in Goshta have shot at the Eastern Border Afghanistan in Nangarhar Province.

Allegedly, Afghan soldiers opened the fire when Pakistani soldiers wanted to repair a goal, which had been damaged on Thursday during a first incident. The Afghan government had previously asked Pakistan to build no military facilities more. The Pakistanes had kept about that, which is why it came to the shot change. According to Afghan presentation, more than 30 Pakistani soldiers have been killed or wounded. Meanwhile, the Afghan troop prison in the region was stanned.

On Thursday before, the sliding on the controversial border had been a Afghan soldier told, resulting in protests in Kabul and Eastern Afghanistan. Prasident Karsai pries the martyrt of the soldier who defended the soil of Afghaistan. And he called the Taliban, "Your weapons against the enemies of your property" set. The dispute revolves around the border. Pakistan has built border fixtures on the so-called Durand line in this area, which are not recognized by Afghanistan. Karzai explained on Saturday, Afghanistan never recognized the demarcation line drawn by the British in 1893.

Pakistan had explained on Saturday, the sentacted sentry was part of an improved grave monitoring to deny the crossing of the border. The Kame both benefit both countries. The US government also invites the Pakistan government to monitor the limits of stronger because Taliban in Afghanistan use the Pakistani borderlands as a jerking area. There are also used against these armed drones. However, the Afghan government demands to evaporate the trafficers inside Pakistan, where they have settled down, and not at the Durand line.

Hunting on CIA spies in borderlands

There is also a bad news for the ISAF countries. The Taliban pursue, as Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud reports in Asia Times, long, alleged spies of Americans in the border areas and dead – by hinging, copy or explosive vests -, torture or distribute them. The hunt for the spies should now be stomparged, Taliban commanders have been explored. The local population will now be threatened by the Taliban and the US drones. In fact, the Americans rely on local informants who tell them about money on money from suspicious responsibilities and mark homes or vehicles, so that they can then be shielded by the drones. Clearance only with drones is hardly possible.

TalibanChef Abu Omar had said last year that the spies were now afghanen, which come across the border to explore goals. The local population was allegedly no longer made due to the strict punishment by the Taliban. The Taliban draw the "Contemporary" the supposed spy. They were received between 150 and 450 US dollars per drone attack. A Taliban Group written in 2010 named Lashkar-E-Khurrassan, the "Spy networks" should have been released, has now been reflected on prere from the tribal drivers, because innocent people were pursued and cruelly punished. After that, Shura-e-Muraqaba was set up, which reinvested spies, but also to prevent innocent be punished. On flight branches all Islamist groups had been warned that only the new unit spies take over.