Confidential document expects up to 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015

The family reunification could increase the number by "Factor 4 to 8" erhohen. CSU leader Seehofer predicts a rise in the number of asylum seekers in the coming months "Kollaps mit Ansage"

In an official paper marked as "Classified-confidential" marked official document, it is amed that the number of newly arriving asylum seekers will not decrease during the winter months. Der "Migrationsdruck" will continue to increase, with seven to ten thousand illegal border crossings per day expected for the fourth quarter, Bild-Zeitung quotes from the leaked report.

This adds new figures to the "We can do it"- Discussion brought. By the end of the year, there could be 1.5 million refugees, instead of the 800.000 or one million, which have so far been paid by the government as treasury. Already yesterday, however, a treasure of the CDU Minister of the Interior of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lorenz Caffier, became known, which coincides with the total number of the confidential Behordenbericht.

According to a report in the Springer tabloid, the authorities expect 920 asylum seekers to arrive in Greece between October and December.000 asylum seekers and add to this forecast another "Family factor from four to eight" added. According to the newspaper, the families coming from the Middle East could be joined by four to eight relatives on average.

With that, according to the bold final part of the Bild report, "could be achieved through family reunification from the 920.000 asylum seekers will become up to 7.36 million asylum seekers in the next three months". (Inset.The newspaper also quotes from the report at this point. "In the secret documents of the authorities it says in addition…", Addendum d.A.)

Such figures are brought into play against the background of the absence of a reliable assessment of the situation. The authorities concerned with asylum policy have for a long time pointed out that it is "almost impossible to make precise statements." (The Asylum Law and the Mooing of the Bureaucracy)

The now published estimate of the authorities meets the current ambivalence between rough relief efforts and worries about an unmanageable situation. In the document before a "possible collapse of the supply" the speech. This increases the prere on the government.

Criticism of the Chancellor comes not only, as it has for weeks, from Bavaria, where Horst Seehofer (CSU) speaks of a "Collapse on the horizon" but also from the SPD. Malu Dreyer (SPD), for example, accused the federal government of leaving open, "how he liked to get this entry development in the grasp".