Do merkel and seehofer want to create transit zones instead of a “upper limit” with the transit zones immediately the borders completely remained closed?

After Edmund Stoiber, it was decided to stop accepting refugees from safe countries of origin such as Austria, in order to enforce European solidarity

Chancellor Merkel and the Bavarian minister-president, having been unable or unwilling to reach an agreement with SPD leader Gabriel yesterday (Merkel, Gabriel and Seehofer adjourned until Thursday), agreed on a joint six-page position paper: "Helping people in need, organizing and controlling immigration, ensuring integration". Here, transit zones, which the SPD rejects and proposes no less mysterious entry centers than "most urgent measure for better control of our border" designates.

Decision on transit zones in the land border procedure in accordance with the applicable EU directive as the most urgent measure for better control of our border. In these transit zones, asylum seekers from safe countries of origin, with re-entry bans, with follow-up applications and without a willingness to cooperate, are subject to accelerated asylum procedures, including appeal procedures and repatriation. The procedure is closely modeled on the airport procedure, which is not a detention facility according to the case law of the Federal Arrest Court.

With the paper, Seehofer, who threatened with an ultimatum, was able to finally get his way with the Chancellor and prevent a solution proposal on the part of the SPD. So, in the case of refugee policy it is not so much a question of doing the right thing and doing it efficiently, but of who has the upper hand in the coalition. So now Seehofer has pulled Merkel and the CDU/CSU over to his side.

Whether an agreement can be reached on Thursday is written in the stars, as the SPD will also fight to preserve its position. Ralf Stegner already made it clear on Gunter Jauch that the SPD leadership will not play along with the transit zones, which they also legally reject and which he described as detention camps. Edmund Stoiber, who was also invited, made it theatrically clear what the CSU policy is, namely the attempt to force the lack of solidarity of the other EU countries by not accepting refugees from safe countries of origin in the transit zones. This is intended to restore the broken legal status, namely Dublin III. According to the report, the state responsible for the asylum process is the state to which the refugee first entered or did not prevent the entry of the refugee.

Since it is clear that the refugees come via Austria, the CSU ames, according to unspoken ideas, that with the agreement concluded between Merkel and Seehofer, practically no refugee can reach Germany. They are registered and detained in the transit zones before entering German soil and sent back to Austria. The paper also states that asylum seekers from safe countries of origin will be given a "accelerated asylum procedure" are to be returned. Basically, in order to implement such a strict regulation, the German government had to build a fence around Germany along the lines of Hungary’s, even before the European borders were secured. Did Seehofer by his invitation of Orban just in it taste found?

On Jauch, Michael Spreng asked several times whether Stoiber knew that this had been decided in Berlin between Merkel and Seehofer. Thus the refugees were deported to Austria, from there they were probably deported back to Slovenia and the Balkan route back to Greece. Stoiber did not want to be more specific about this, but only pointed out that the legal situation could only be restored through the transit zones and deportation to safe countries of origin.

Julia Klockner (CDU) was also asked several times for concrete comments, but she remained nebulous. One had the impression that she had been overwhelmed by Stoiber’s advance, but was unable to comment – perhaps because she did not know what had really been decided? Or did they want to make the transit zone sound more harmless in order to get the SPD behind the idea after all??

That the introduction of the transit zone with the fast "Return" to the safe countries of origin has the purpose of forcing the other European countries to centrally distribute the refugees, the following passage from the position paper makes clear:

We expect the already decided reception and distribution centers (hotspots) in Greece and Italy to become operational this year. It must be ensured that the registration and identification of those in need of protection, as well as their distribution across Europe, is carried out quickly and effectively from there.

It will be interesting to see how the other European countries will react to the CSU’s push, which is supported by the Chancellor. Even if, as decided, it will probably not be enforceable with the SPD, the mood was allowed to be poisoned further. This also applies to domestic politics, because the Orban solution is a clear shift to the right.