Erdogan’s dangerous network in germany

Erdogan's dangerous network in Germany

Image: Alexas_Photos / CC0 Creative Commons

The rocker group "Ottomans Germania" and very special connections

They do not drive heavy motorcycles, but rough cars. You organize yourself in boxing clubs and distribute the Internet Martial Videos. They work as a challenger and bodygards at events of nationalist turks. They are considered too deserving. The rocker group "Ottomans Germania" Every major contacts with Erdogan’s closest confidants in the AKP. the "Ottomans Germania" together with the Uetd and Islamists form a dangerous network, which now looks more closely at the German security associates.

The rocker group "Ottomans Germania" has more than 2 in Germany.000 members and is a serious competition for the local rocker groups, such as.B. the "Hells Angels". These fears of their areas where they make millions of protection, drug trafficking and prostitution million.

The Ottomans germania becomes increasingly among young manners with a migration background, especially under Turken. Mehmet Bagci, the Prasident of Ottomans Germania, says: "We want to bring the young people from the strain. We want you to work with sports. Get you work. Away from their drug addiction, away from their alcohol addiction."

The security authorities do not believe him. In addition to the risk of new band wars between competing rocker bands, the compounds for Turkish politics are particularly worrying.

On the 27th. April 2016 at 17.24 o’clock hoard the security officers with a call Bagcis, in which he grabs that he and his crops of Turkish-stemige businessmen in Germany were made money. In the telephone call he should "very good contacts" spoken to the Turkish intelligence service. And that he with his manners the thing with the "Pkk-thing" Regulate in Stuttgart.

What is meant is a demonstration on the 10th. April 2016 in Stuttgart, where it came to violent disputes between Turken and Kurds. In the phone case, Bagci realized after the investigators’ investigators, that nobody was dismissed them from their goal in this matter and that they are ready to die for their cause and dead. So alerted, which means that that means, observe the investigators also electronically.

Telephone call, SMS for SMS, the investigator deeply invaded a threatening network of politics and organized crimetat.

Stuttgarter news

The Stuttgart news and the ZDF magazine "Frontal 21" have found indications in their research that the Ottomans germania may be controlled by Erdogan’s environment. Thereafter, the German safety authorizations have on the dependent and observation protocols, from which the Istanbul AKP Member MEMin Kulunk – a close friend of youth days and faithful follower Erdogans – has already transferred a multiple money business at the Ottomans’ suspension members.

Once about 20.000 Euro for a weapon purchase. In April 2016, Metin Kulunk dear with the Ottoman boss Bagci on a Congress of the Union European Turkish Democrats (UETD) in Koln. A few days later, Bagci traveled to Turkey "to ask the Turkish state to help financial help", Reported the investigators.

Three weeks after the findings over the transfer of money, the Hessian security mappings confiscated a weapon transport for the Ottomans in May 2016, including a Czech-Yugoslavic Gentol of the type Scorpion. Against Metin Kulunk moved in 2016 in Turkey a procedure for organized criminality, ie mafiacontacts. The coup in July 2016, however, preserved him before a process, as the state prosecutor itself as "Traitor" In the custody landed. Kulunk applies in government circuits as an excellent network of good connections to the Turkish intelligence service.

Erdogan merged this year in February, "His friend Kulunk became boss of the newly created state authorities for dealing with false messages". In the documentary of Frontal 21, which sent ZDF mid-December, the connections of the rocker group to nationalist and right-wing extremists of Turkish organizations in Germany and Turkey are shown.

Ottomans Germania under observation of the preamble protection and state criminal office

Festival protection in North Rhine-Westphalia found that the group’s activities are primarily directed against Turkey-critical and Kurdish organizations. This reported Burkhard Freier, head of the State Office for Future Protection in North Rhine-Westphalia in an interview with Frontal 21. Sabine Thurau, Head of the Hessian Landescriminal Police Office (LKA) found that this rocker group is experienced very much turkish-nationalist. At this end, the Stuttgart messages already came in April of this year.

They were the first to report on a network between Turkish-nationalist political organizations, Islamists and rockers. A crucial role plays the Union European Turkish Democrats (UETD).

as "Transitional organization", So the former chairman Zafer Sirakaya, she publicists especially for statepraeder Erdogan and the AKP in Germany. In the run-up to the referendum, the UETD was in the social networks for the "Evet" (DT.: Yes) To introduce a prasidial system in Turkey. For the vote, she organized in many city buses to the polling stations.

A welcome guest at your events is that AKP MEP Meetin Kulunk, which is supposed to financially financed the weapons of rockers from Turkey. Kulunk’s goal in Germany visits is in the first place Mannheim, where he meets with the chairman of the Uetd Rhein-Neckar, Yilmaz Ilkay Arin, who according to own information about excellent contacts with Erdogan personal.

In away from the phone between Arin and Kulunk, the impression of the officers considers that Arin and his uncle was one of the most important command receptions of the Erdogan familiar in Germany. Arin is not only boss of the Uetd in the Rhine-Neckar circle, he is also a prasident of the "Turkish sports clubs in Europe". With the General Secretar of Mannheimer Uetd, SUAT SELCUK, he operates the company "Muge Arin Transport".

He also communicates to the gray wolfen and the Turkish secret service. The investigations of the German services led to an agent of the in Salzburg, Mehmet D., who was unnecessary by the behavior. They found that there is a narrow network between AKP, UETD and with. The Ottomans germania act as a hit troop.

"Take the Kurds with sticking upside down"

The Istanbul AkP MP Kulunk requested the Turks living in Germany to force forcibly against Kurds. You should film this and send it into Turkey, so everyone will see Konne, what happens with those who are against Erdogan reports the Stuttgart newspaper. That the rockers for the AKP, which with and the UETD act as a hit troupe, became aware only by the events around the Armenia Resolution in the German Bundestag.

The designation of deportation and assassination of up to 1.5 million Armenians as "Genocide" brought the Turkish government in Rage. The UETD organized protest ceases and demonstrations against the resolution – purchased protesters by the AKP Kulunk, reported the German investigators. At the Brandenburg Gate, the muscle manners of Ottomans Germania and their boss Bahci in their cats in their cows were in position.

For this they received, according to the report of the investigators, on the 1. June 2016 against 14.30 clock in the Berlin Potsdamer Strain two envelopes with money, the Bagci, as a short time later, was to have received by Kulunk personally. This is done from a covered telephone call between Bagci and his deputy Selcuk Sahin. In the evening, Kulunk should then be phoned and asked with the Turkische Dent Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and asked if further protest creations should be organized.

According to the report of the Stuttgart news, Cavusoglu handed the Horner – on Erdogan. This should have recommended kulunk to refrain from other rallies because not enough mobilized could be mobilized. 50 to 300 participants are too little, it had 4.000 to 5.Be 000.

Erdogan’s son Bilal with the game

Bagcis deputy at the Ottomans, Selcuk Sahin, maintenance good contacts to the Erdogan clan. In June 2017, the German investigators hoard a telephone call in which he offered Bilal to get him an investor in Germany for his faucets. As a reminder: Erdogan’s son Bilal was entangled in the 2013 corruption scandal around the Gold Handler Reza Zarrab, which is just revealed by the US judiciary.

Meanwhile, the German authorities have a problem: the network no longer communicates by phone. Shortly after Hessian LKA officials asked the BKA link in the German Embassy in Ankara for information about various Turkish politicians and officials, it was quiet in the network. A rogue who thinks Boses.