G20: the escalation began with the appointment of dudde to the police chief

G20: The escalation began with the appointment of Dudde to the police chief

Photo: Thorsten Schrodder / CC by 2.0

The committee for fundamental rights and democracy in the addendum to the dispute in Hamburg

In the first half of July, there was only one topic in Germany. The left militancy in the protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg was made from a very coalition to a general accounting with everyone who dared to remember that there is violence not only in part of the protesters. Not only left centers as the red flora were released for launch, even the politically very managed Gangeviertel in Hamburg came into focus, because it has solidized with the red flora.

Also in Frankfurt, the retention of left centers was demanded because they have also solidized with the Hamburg florists. Since most of these centers have legal entitlement, the short process policy could not be implemented. But the campaign has quite political consequences, the AFD sees itself as her slogans against the left of a very coalition coalition are pre- or postponed. Now the legal party makes election advertising with the slogan: "Stop the left terror."

Even those who referred to the police violence in the days after the Hamburg Summit and the level of fundamental rights had to be accused of defending left militancy. This was particularly clear when the CDU village of Wolfgang Bosbach left a talk show because the left journalist Jutta Ditfurth dared to talk about police violence, making its own observations for the foundation. Bosbach saw the police insulted, which he wanted to expression with his departure. But the Hamburg SPD burger master has also ridden after the G20 summit several times all police violence.

Not the Riots, but the whole protests in view

Now the committee for fundamental rights has submitted a balance sheet of the summit days in Hamburg. The basis is the observations of its own 43, often legally trained protest observers. Unlike most media, they did not pay their attention to the RIOTS, but the entire protest events. The prior notice of the balance sheet writes the basic rights committee:

Unlike the first media reporting, our views were addressed to the confidenced assemblies and not on the Riots, the Randale or the uprising, which Proked the Friday night in the Schanzenviertel. Above all, we had the police violence in view of the imposition of ignoring the court decision on the right to build a camp in Deenwerder (Sunday, 2. July 2017), about the violent resolution of the peaceful "Welcome to bright"-Demo to partially jerkless violence against groups and individuals on the day of the civil disobedience. And even in the coarse demonstration on Saturday, we could find that the protection of assembly law was disregarded.

Committee for fundamental rights

According to the observations of the basic rights, the problems with the appointment of Hartmut Dudde begin to the senior police director for the summit protests. Dudde, who owes his career to the long-forgotten Legal Populus Ronald Schill, was therefore known that he did not pay attention to basic and human rights to the primary tasks of the police trade. So judge the committee for fundamental rights:

With the appointment, the Red-Green Senate had made a decision against the fundamental right from the outset.

Committee for fundamental rights

The personnel gave the direction. The summit opponents had to build their right to build camps for sleep in Hamburg, explanation and even then their tents were often prevented. People who traveled from other city and countries to Hamburg had to give their data.

But the police woven did not lead to resignation in a coarse part of the Hamburg population, but to a solidarity wave, such as the "Corn" against the G20. People sat down on the strain to the picnic and demanded their right to city. The human rights activists write about the police reaction:

At 21:00, the third announcement will be announced that if necessary, violence is intervened. The personal details were recorded. The policemen put the helmets up and after a minute. The police march in the chain in the square and sells pretty rublefully pushing the people of the meadow towards Thadenstrabe. A policeman is prompted by a colleague not to drive the ruples. The tents are removed, people can then go back to the park as the police are back.