Google docs casting, even before google

Google Docs casting, even before Google

Play documents can be found in Google Workspace with a key provided by the user. This feature is integrated directly in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive: Clickdocks can be recycled with a click on which Google does not have any access to google.

At the start this works exclusively with the third-party flowcrypt, Futurex, Thales and Virtru. They hold the key to the user as well as suitable management tools. However, Google wants to provide an API again this year, use the users’ locally managed key.

Google Docs casting, even before Google

Capped files can be created quickly and are marked as such.

For start, the cap is a license of the Workspace Enterprise Plus or Education Plus type. Interested users can now sign up for a beta. In the long term, Google wants to offer these functions also for other in-house services, including Gmail, Meet and Calendar.

Share confidential files prohibited

Furthermore, administrators receive a tool that you can use which users and groups with which other users and groups are sharing documents. These trust rules can be configured granular and are intended for both internal and external users. The tool appears as a beta in the coming months.

DRIVE files can now be provided with DLP labels. So the Data Loss Prevention can recognize which safety rules for these documents. Google also introduces 60 new predefined content detectors, which should automatically detect and categorize partly with techniques of machine learning the contents of files – for example CVs, patents or source texts – automatically – for example.

Google Docs casting, even before Google

The DLP should help the DLP to recognize and protect confidential data as such.

The DLP labels for Drive are now available, but still in a beta-phase. You predict as a license type Workspace Business Standard or Plus, Workspace Enterprise or Workspace for Education Standard or Plus. In addition, DRIVE is designed to identify as such as such as phishing or malware automatically as such. The latter appears for all users.

Details on all new security features can be found in the associated blog entry in the associated blog entry. So far, external tools were necessary for the closing of DOCS documents. Workspace as a business package exists only since the end of 2020, a bundled many Google services and struggles the competition Microsoft 365.