North korean rocket test: trump appeased

North Korean rocket test: Trump appeased

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Hanoi, February 2019. Photo: Weibe house

According to Sudkorean details are several of the North Korean Kuste "Projectile" fired

North Korea has apparently tested missiles again. However, little clarity prevails which flight body were shot straight and which message could be left. In Japan, one is not too troubled by the youngest North Korean militar action, as it should be rockets with a small range, as the Tageschau reports.

As already the title of the Tagesschau report shows, it is not known in addition to the weapons tested. You are afraid of the use of the word "rocket" return: "North Korea fires back", It is held instead. Also in the New York Times is with reference to the language of the Sudkorean militar of "Projectile" the speech. Is explained that the term – English. "Projectile" – from Sudkorea’s armee guide and then used in public statements when you could not identify the shot missiles exactly.

"Between 70 and 200 kilometers flew far"

So far, that on Saturday morning, between 9:06 and 9:27 local time, from which near Wonsan, a Kustenstadt omely of Pjongjang, several rakets were shot down, the "between 70 and 200 kilometers far flew", until they landed in the sea between North Korea and Japan. The projectiles have been shot down Sudkorean information at a distance of about 20 minutes.

In the reporting of the New York Times is played with the tension that this was the first rocket test in North Korea since 2017: "A Missile Test Would Be The North’s First Since 2017". This claim, which also appears in the named Tagesschau report and in other media, is not really greatly funded.

Because there was already in mid-April and in November last year in North Korea tests with missiles. Sudkorean militar experts speculating in April, whether it is one "New Marschfallkor" acted or a "Newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon", As reported in November (North Korea: New rocket test as a message to the USA?To).

It is important to what the US newspaper at the end of your report is about the current "Projectile tests" It does not write that it is not violated against the promise of moratorium that the North Korean head of state Kim Jong had made a year ago. Because the stop concerned atomic tests and the start of ballistic intercontinental rockets.

Kim Jong Un Trump wants to tell something?

Between these points – "We do not know what was being tested, but all signs were short-range missiles" and "A deviation of promises was not determined" – is then the room for interpretations of the signal, which is connected to the new firing of shots of the North Korean Kuste direction Japan. Will Kim Jong and say something to the US Prassified Donald Trump?

The New York Times is known to be no fan magazine of politics Trumps (even if you have a more amazing success in the procurement, wage development and low inflation). Accordingly, it tends to show the sweepings of Trump’s policy. Trump himself like to refer to his special relationship with the North Korean autocrat and what he has reached despite the failure at the meeting with Kim Jong Un in February in Hanoi.

There’s aim of the design of the tests by the newspaper.

The test on Saturday signaled that Mister Kim is out to escalate the tensions by trying to get the upper hand.

New York Times

What Trump emphasizes as a negotiable success – that he has brought Kim Jong Un, to drove a less aggressive policy – is Blobe Eye Wiper, as it has many critics and so also the New York Times. The action on Saturday leads again.

As so often, when it comes to criticism from the media, with which the US prasident is connected in Hassliebe, he reacted quickly. He tweeted that although everything is possible in this interesting world that Kim Jong is his conviction to his promise.

"Gross potential" With North Korea and Russia

North Korea have a coarse economic potential (see Z.B. with his "Dreamstrands" In the near the rocket stroke) and the deal, which is connected thereto, Kim Jong un was not putting on the game. "Deal wants bips!"

It is interesting that this tweet is a second following in a short distance, in which Trump the relationship with Russia is trimming. He did the day before a very good telephone conversation with Putin and now see, after the expiration of the "Russia Collusion"-Pre-yield, one "enormous potential for a good / big relationship with Russia".

That too can be seen in response to criticism of his North Korea policy. When Kim Jong unused Russia, he did not have to make a rough route, (Kim-Putin Summit: Planned End without Common Declaration), gave this reason to commentary and speculation, according to which with Putin, a competition set up here better on international politics and also to dealing with the North Korean ruler.