Nuclear power: rosatom should not build czech reactor dukovany ii

The Czech government excludes the Russian group Rosatom from the tender for the planned atomic reactor Dukovany II. On Monday she adopted a deciding draft of the Minister for Industry, and Trade and Traffic Karel Havlicek.

The previous nuclear power plant Dukovany consists of four reactors of the Soviet Type WWER 440 / W-213 with 500 MW power. They went to the grid between 1985 and 1987, the originally planned runtime has reached and should now be replaced by new. The Czech nuclear supervision had two new reactors approved in Marz.

Three candidates

For the now upcoming security assessment, which preceded the actual tendering, the French group of EDF, the Sudkorean company KHNP and Westinghouse from North America were used, writes Havlicek on his Twitter account. Why Rosatom was excluded from the communication of the Czech government.

As a start of construction for the new reactors, 2029 has been estimated to go into operation, the third generation prere water reactors should be seven years later. According to the Czech Government, they should ensure the energy sutarity of the country and one "Stable and affordable power source" guarantee.

Easter-rich concerns

The Dukovany site is interested in Austria and Germany, because Vienna is about 100 km, until Passau 200 km. The Easter-Rich Environmental Protection Organization Global 2000 indicates that the AKW Dukovany such as the Chernobyl reactor has no containment and is stored. Also, the reactors had no second skool source, which could provide sufficient quantities of substantiated cooling water during the failure of the cooling from the small river Jihlava.

Rosatom sees a message in the decision of the Czech government "Market-minded, politically motivated decision that does not demand the development of a for both sides advantageous cooperation between our countries".

The Russian offer has provided that hundreds of Czech and European companies were involved in the Dukovany project. By exploiting Rosatom from the tender, the Czech government reaches its own national industry to the side.

: Background is the current diplomatic supposition between Prague and Moscow, writes dpa. Czech Republic had made Russia responsible for explosions in a ammunition camp with two deaths in 2014 and reported 18 Russian embassy employees. Moscow referred in return 20 Czech embassy attorney of the country.

An answer of the Czech government to a request from our site is still out.