Spacex’s starship crashes again at landing

Spacex's Starship crashes again at landing' starship zerschellt erneut bei landung

Spacex performed another test flight with its Starship on Tuesday (Texas). While starting and flight are successful, the landing of the ninth prototype did not work. Instead of two brake strokes, only one of them has been serrated, so that Starship SN9 shrinking is bouncing and exploded on the ground.

In December, the process model Starship SN8 was gourding in the landing. At that time, however, the Starship was close to a facilitated landing than on Tuesday. The next prototype is already ready. Spacex had the SN10 self-confident next to the start and land lamp of the SN9. Unless apparent from the images of LiveUberrung, the explosion of the SN9 was not allowed to harm his successor SN10.

SPACEX SN9 Test flight of the Starship Prototype SN9 (Source: Spacex)

Wide travel planned

SN9 should not fly into space on Tuesday, but only reach a high of ten kilometers. That was allowed to succeed. The aim of the development is a spaceship that can be reusable very quickly and fly up to three times a day or 1000 times a year. One of these spaceships is said to fly 150 tons of cargo into all and bring 50 tons of cargo to earth.

Spacex-Grunder Elon Musk has called the Starship as a “fastest way to a self-holding city on the Mars”. He even travel to other planets for possibly. First flights with people on board had announced the entrepreneur for 2020, which has proven to be too optimistic.

Young goal Spacex ‘is to send four space tourists this year to earth. However, they will not climb a starship, but a room capsule Crew Dragon at the top of a Falcon 9 rocket.