Too lax or just right? The swedish way

Symbol image: Johanna Dahlberg/unsplash

Corona: Voluntary self-cautions, reproductive number below 1: WHO now sees much-maligned Sweden as a model

The so-called reproduction figure, the R-value, has remained at a low level in Sweden since the 21st century. April under 1.0. This means that the spread of the infection is no longer increasing, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell was quoted as saying this weekend by broadcaster SVT . The value indicates how many other people a person infected with the coronavirus infects on average.

The report is receiving international attention, as Sweden is taking a step forward "Special way", as it is stated in German publications. In taking measures to prevent the spread of Sars-CoV-2 infections, Sweden’s authorities did not rely on a strict lockdown.

Instead, there are fewer restrictions than in other countries, e.g., the number of deaths in Sweden is lower than in other countries.B. the borders remained open, crèches, nurseries, elementary school as well as some other schools, hairdressers, also yoga studios and gyms as well as meetings in parks remained permitted and even some cinemas were operating, such as the Irish Times reported in its comparison to Irish mabnahme.

Universities and secondary schools, however, were also closed in Sweden, just as gatherings of more than 50 people were prohibited. Sweden also took drastic measures.

"Swedish method causes debate outside the country." This is not only stated by the French newspaper Le Monde, but by many who get involved in a discussion about an appropriate way to deal with the threat of Covid-19. It is not uncommon for it to develop in a hot-tempered manner, sometimes with a hint of a desire to do harm: The Swedes will see how far they can go with their "Herd immunity" come.

No, it was not herd immunity that was the goal of the policy, on the other hand, the said state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell is quoted as saying: "We do the same as other countries, we try to slow down the spread as much as possible". Only in Sweden, they use a different approach Tools than in other countries. Tegenell rates talk of gross difference as exaggerated.

Currently, however, see the R number, the Swedish course looks to be on track for success. Opponents of strict state lockdowns point out that the Swedish health authority and the government have relied on the sense of responsibility of individual citizens, on their freedom, on mutual trust between the state and citizens, instead of operating with fear and punishment.

Ambivalent numbers

The figures from Sweden, however, are not such as to open all doors to praise and praise. Even though the WHO now also considers the Swedish model to be a good one "future model" is ready for the next phase. Although the number of total infections, such as those reported by Johns Hopkins for Sweden, is more than 22, the number of infections in the United States is higher than in the United Kingdom.000, after all the number criticism that has been questioning such ciphers for weeks now, not much. But two striking features remain: the number of deaths related to Covid-19 and the proportion of Covid-19 deaths in the population.

Worldometer reports 264 deaths per 1 million in Sweden. There are 39 for Norway and 82 for Denmark. In discussion circles, this is explained by the fact that Sweden is already much further along "immunized through" is. Sweden is "continue".

Over the weekend, Sweden recorded a remarkable 2.679 "Deceased with Covid-19". The above-mentioned TV station SVT notes that the deputy state epidemiologist Anders Wallensten considers the figures to be "unsafe" and ames that they will still rise

The high death toll in Sweden, according to critics, shows that the state is not trying hard enough to provide comprehensive protection. Stockholm is a hotbed of spread, and elderly burgers in particular died; nursing homes did not pay enough attention to safety, as evidenced by the rapid spread of infections "in 75 percent of the 101 nursing homes in Stockholm" showed. The Swedish Health Minister Hallengren had to admit that not enough protective clothing had been provided for the nursing staff of the elderly.

The Social Democrats and the Sweden Democrats

Nevertheless, the head of government is doing very well in the polls. Stefan Lofven has gained 20 percentage points, while the right-wing Sweden Democrats have lost popularity. They had not offered anything convincing in the debate on the Corona crisis so far, Le Monde explains the good poll results for the social democratic prime minister.

Economically, however, the Swedish government is facing hard times. A 9 billion euro aid program was approved. Exports have suffered badly. The gross domestic product is expected to decrease by 10 percent, according to estimates. "Unemployment is rising."

On the part of those who follow Sweden’s less repressive path with rough sympathy, it is argued that the Swedish state can build on a developed democratic spirit associated with the long years of a Social Democratic-led government.

Before the Covid pandemic, the right-wing Sweden Democrats were well received and listened to. It is possible that this will be repeated in tougher economic times, when unemployment figures rise significantly.