Trading war: xiaomi defends itself in court against sanctions of trump government

Trading War: Xiaomi defends itself in court against sanctions of Trump government

The Chinese smartphone provider Xiaomi moves in court in the US to stop sanctions from the Trump government at the last minute. Xiaomi had come to a black list of the US Department of Defense in mid-January with eight other Chinese companies. One consequence is that US investors should be banned to buy Xiaomi shares – and they should separate themselves from all shares by January 2022.

Interim injunction

Xiaomi argues now in the lawsuit submitted on Friday, the US government had not held on necessary procedures with the confusion of sanctions in mid-January. And also the reproach alleged links to the Chinese militar is wrong. Xiaomi, among other things, strives for interim borrowing, which should expose the sanctions quickly.

Since the US government has changed the US government after the end of the term of office of Prasident Donald Trump, the new Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin and the new Minister of Finance Janet Yellen was already sued. The government of the new Prasident Joe Biden can make the sanctions backward – so far, he has previously been able to enter TRUMM’s china decisions up to a congress.

Trump had been portrayed over the years China as a large international danger for the US and claimed in the election campaign, among other things, without any evidence, Biden was bought by Beijing.

Huawei specialized

Trump’s government spoke a trade conflict with China and also went against various Chinese companies. Most hardest, Huawei met. The network designer and smartphone provider lost access to American technology – because of the allegation of the Chinese government to force him for far-reaching cooperation. Huawei shows this back.

In front of the sanctions, Huawei set to the leap to the world market lit in the smartphone paragraph. Since the US prohibitions can not be sold, among other things, no new models with preinstalled Google services. These are extremely important for buyers in the west. The paragraph of Huawei smartphones in China remained without prejudice, but Huawei slipped worldwide. Xiaomi Fulled the Lucke and established themselves as number three in the market for Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi had become coarse with the sale of favorable but technically high-rated smartphones on the internet. Meanwhile, the company has all the possible devices from the TV to the rice cooker.