What really was true, the resolution of the summer council

This time it was about the silver slices on which in 1987 to about 1997 software, informational goods and "multimedia" be delivered. Only two questions have stayed open, with a question several solutions were possible, as I had to learn.

The question 0 of the summer council showed a CD with network access software and yes, the child-friendly offer of Fun Online was searched with which the Ehapa publisher tried to create a safe community for the younger.

Question 1 was looking for the Shareware CD of the PC-SIG Group, one of the first Shareware collections for the PC of 1987.

Question 2 CD was recognized very quickly as Microsoft Bookshelf, a collection of words bookers, a thesaurus and some other databases that DOS computers like to crash.

Question 3 was looking for the first disk of the computer library, a collection of US computer magazines that publish the point publisher and Lotus.

The first disc of the computer library.

Question 4 Sought the Multimedia Extensions for Windows, 1991 ied by MediaVision. If you believe the Wikipedia, Microsoft was surprised by this extension. The secretarial of Gates had to order some CDs for the company.

Question 5 was looking for a frog called Tad, who explored the world on his frog chip. We are looking for a real Microsoft product for children, the Microsoft Explorapedia, which appeared with several knowledge areas from 1993.

Question 6 was looking for one of the many CDs that distributed Walnut Creek, here the Internet Info CD of 1995.

Ie CDs

Question 7 was looking for the online access service COMPUSERVE, with the slogan "The whole world by pressing a button" The Germans wanted to curls into the net. But it did not happen in bulk when Deutsche Telekom divided their software CD in September 1995.

"The whole world by pressing a button" by Compusserve.

Question 8 was looking for a musician who brought an interactive music CD to the market, which ran equally under Windows and Macos. Wanted was Prince, but Peter Gabriel was with "Eve" Also available on both systems, during Bob Dylan and Sting "Windows Only" served.

Question 9 Sought a CD that distributed Netscape 1996 at the highlight of the popularity. After that, Microsoft began to win the browser war step for step the browser war.

Netscape on CD.

Question 10 was looking for a movie sponsored by AOL. E-M @ Il for you from 1998 brought "Product Placement" without end, but the movie, which was sponsored after a decision of AOL boss Steve Case, was "The soldier James Ryan", who also appeared in 1998. AOL even published a book with the voices of the AOL users and a preface, thanking the American infantry regime in which Case thanked the American infantry regiments "Boots on the Ground" Germany defeated. His father was at the 4. infantry.

What really was true, the resolution of the summer council

A book with voices from AOL users to the movie "The soldier James Ryan".

The next Ratsel then in the summer of 2021, who will certainly raise other questions.