“Armenia prays, azerbaijan boomt”

Image: Ramon Schack

Even if the urban life is pulsating in the center of Yerevan, Armenia has received archaic origin

"You have certainly done by comitas", asks a guest in Edouards Restaurant, an old Lord who introduces itself as a music professor. Edouards Restaurant is located between the Republic and Opera Square in the heart of Yerevan, the capital and the cultural center of the small Caucasus Republic.

Image: Ramon Schack

In addition to the 1920s architectural structures, buildings made of volcanic tuff stone, pale pink shimmering, which prove that there were still city-building visions at the beginning of the USSR, more and more the new buildings that appear appealing, but then Also like the interchangeable facades of a soulless globalization that is manifested in chromium and glass.

"Komitas is Armenians, which is Chopin for Poland", drive the man. Komitas So, who actually won Soomo Soomonjan, converted to the monastery, studied composition in Berlin, then dedicated his whole life of Armenian music. He traveled through the Armenian settlement areas, collected the musical heritage, the old folk songs, created impensy chorale, his fairs are still sung in the Armenian churches today. Music, which goes under the skin, which can drive a tranes in the eyes.

"In 1915, the massacre started in the Turkey on the Armenians", so the music professor. "Up to Hitler was that the biggest genocide in the 20th. century. Turkish soldiers wanted to destroy comitas from a rock. But at the last moment he was rescued by the daughter of Sultan, a former schoolman. But his senses were already confused, his mind was overbelt. He lived for another 20 years, but never recovered again, because he had already looked into the abyss. So he fathert 20 years later into the abyss, from which he had once saved him the daughter of Sultan."

Image: Ramon Schack

The man is silent, then he starts again. "The story of Komitas is representative of the fate of Armenia! If you realize comitas, then they understand Armenia." The man settles his bill, snapping after his hat. "Maybe you can explain why the west sanctions against Russia, but with our archemic Azerbaijan Pacted? Although there are OL, but no democracy in Azerbaijan!", he says farewell before he disappears in the crossing crowd.

The well-attended bars and bistros, the well-dressed passers-by and full shopping malls irritating, if one consciously makes that self-drought in Armenia only a few hundred euros of euros earn that the average pension is about 50 euros per month, the prices But rather rise. Nevertheless, there are hardly found signs of poverty and miselification in the cityscape.

Two young mans are sitting on a park bench, talking on Farsi, a language that is very common in the threads Eriwan. For young Iranians, Armenia is a popular destination and vice versa. The border between the two states is open, there is no visa duty.

Armenia, the most old Christian country in the world, leans in a nutshell in Tehran and Moscow. Russia and Persia are the two historical protection of this country, which always had to fight for his survival. In September 2013, Prasident Sersch Sargsjan explained surprisingly after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Armenia will join the Eurasian Customs Union. The Eurasian Customs Union has existed since 2010, members are so far Kazakhstan, Russia and Weibrussia. In 2015, the Union is to be upgraded to an economic union, which should also result in political integration.

"Armenia prays, Azerbaijan Boomt"

Image: Ramon Schack

As far as relations with Tehran is concerned, Armenia has hardly survived without Iran since its independence in 1991. The closed boundaries to Azerbaijan and Turkey Strangulate any economic development and narrow the geostrategic perspectives of Armenia dramatically.

The two young Iranians, Adnan and Reza, are in Yerevan for a few days to breathe properly as they emphasize laughing. Reza, who studies chemistry in Tehran, sees gross similarities in the mentality of both Volker. "In Armenia, life is free, there are fewer repressions", he determines.

"We started to write ten centuries in front of you in our own language"

Serine Vempy shares the comments of the Iranian tourist. In 1994, she saw the light of the world in Tehran. Her family, belonging to the Armenian minority of Iran, settled to Eriwan over when she was 10 years old. "Whenever I’m in Iran, I miss Armenia, and vice versa." Her shoulder hair, which has tied her to knock, are pink-colored, to mini skirt carries her a strapless shirt, in the Cosplayer look, how to call this Japanese cladding trend worldwide.

Image: Ramon Schack

Serine is graphics, your first exhibition is imminent. During many young Armenians emigrating or planning their future in Russia, the USA or Europe, dreams of Japan’s serine. "The next year I have hopefully saved enough money to go to Tokyo for some time to work there", she tells. In the daytime she works in the eighties pub, the meeting point of a young scene of unconventional artists and students. "Armenians have a different time as their way in the west", throws Aram. The young history student sits under a Turkish flag, probably the only one who finds in Yerevan, as he emphasizes laughing.

"We have the first division before 2.500 years experienced. We adopted Christianity for seven hundred years as her in Europe. We started to write ten centuries in front of you in our own language. But Armenia experienced the same, for this part of the world typical platforms: a lack of historical continuity, the sudden appearance of empty pages in the history birds. Without an agreement with Turkey, it will remain difficult, I think it’s a mistake to make the genocide to politicians, we can not only define us thereby. Also with Azerbaijan has to be negotiated. Armenia prays, during Azerbaijan Boomt." Arams theses find in the present gastes, which by no means represent the cross section of the population of eriwan, quiet approval.

Abain of the capital of Eriwan, in which a third of the almost three million inhabitants lives, Armenia is colonized Dunn. On the bus on the way to the north begins just behind the city border one of silence and stones dominated landscape. Dafur rises the mountain Ararat, the Holy Mountain of the Armenians, to the left, so close, yet unattainable far away, already behind the border to Turkey, one of the last closed borders of Europe. Suddenly diving huge herds, guided by shepherds on horseback, which in the summer drive their cattle into the mountains, they live like nomads in tents.

Image: Ramon Schack

Waving children on the strain edge, fruit trees, through which the sunlight breaks, small dorses and settlements, black rocks, besides rough upstanding rocks, from which ancient cross-dome churches protrude, as if they were not created by human hands, but the nature sprung, yes, as a matter of nature this landscape, which has been a hub between Anatolia and Transcaucasia, between anatolia and transcaucasia, between black sea and casual sea.

Only a small car from Eriwan away, between the hugles, in the middle of the wildly crushed mountain landscape, appears on the Sevan lake, from the Armenians the "Blue pearl" called. With a long of 75 kilometers and a width of up to 19 kilometers, he is one of the big mountain lakes in the world. The Sevan Lake lies Wildschon framed by the snow-capped peaks of the small Caucasus high up to three thousand meters high mountains. The lake is located on about 1.900 meters high, but expands in summer but over 30 degrees. Many inhabitants of the capital use the unusually landscape and swimming as a recreational area.

Sevan Lake. Image: Ramon Schack

Watercare for energy production and garbage resulted in a decrease in the water level by 18 meters in the past, which resulted in serious ecological distortions. Despite the energy problems of Armenia has been trying for several years to increase water levels. The residents of the lake live on agriculture and cultivation of every hectare, which is usable as farmland, which is only valid in Armenia for 15 percent of the country’s flat.

The tourist infrastructure has difficult to recover from the downfall of the Soviet Union. After all, the "Bohemian department", a lemon yellow-rendered facility located directly on the northwestern lake shore, which is located to the hotel chain BEST WESTERN, the foreign visitors Western comfort. The landscape radiates peace and grandity. The lake shimmers turkish colors, in the distance turns a excursion steamer his rounds, on the shore shine the flowers in intense colors.

Religiosity and national identity are interwoven in Armenia

From here it is only a few minutes walk to the landmark of the lake, the monastery of Sevanavank, Pittoresk situated on a headland, which once was an island, but is now due to the decline of the water level on the Felsplateau of a peninsula. The monastery was founded in 837. The Armenian-Apostolic Church operates a priest seminar there today, with many seminarists complaining about a Hohenkoller.

"Religiosity and national identity are interwoven in Armenia", Permitted Katrin Basteret-Lamprichs. The Archaologist also works as a tour guide for the tour operator Studiosus and has traveled the states of the Sudkaukasus regularly for many years. "As well as in neighboring Georgia, the young people confess themselves stronger to their religious roots than the ages that were still represented by the atheism and campaigns of the Soviet Case."

Sanahin Monastery. Image: Ramon Schack

125 kilometers north of Sevan, almost on the border with Georgia, lies the monastery of Sanahin, which is carried along with the monasteries in four kilometers away Haghpat as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery with its cross-dome churches and chapels fits impressively into the grandiose rock landscape, as the black stone landscape. The city of Alawergi, from the Sanahin is a district, is located in the middle of the heavily cranked mountain in a 300 to 500 meters deep gorge.

AlaWERDI was a Soviet site of one of the coarse copper mining areas of the Red Empire. In 1989, demonstrations of the inhabitants began against the self-contamination of self-pollution for self-contamination. From these OKO protests then looked out in the following weeks and months, flanked from the decline of the USSR, the independence movement, which is lively on Yerevan.

In the ravines rust the huge, over-dimensional steel and chemical combinates, the industrial heritage of the Soviet Union,. Allegedly due to the increased demand for copper on the world market should begin again at the afterth. As long as the transfers must help from the diaspora, the globally scattered community of the foreign Armenians, which is more than twice as rough as the country pays inhabitants.