Bundis of digital burger rights organizations demands prohibition of automated facial recognition

Bundis of digital burger rights organizations demands prohibition of automated facial recognition

Action Day against the ‘Unicehousing station’ Sudkreuz on 27.11.2017 in Berlin. Image: Endstation now / CC BY-2.0

Federal Ministry of Interior wants to install facial recognition at numerous railway farms and airport

In the US, some bades like San Francisco have forbidden facial recognition. US Deputies want to at least limit their use to prevent developments as in China (in the USA there are more monitoring cameras relative to the population than in China). China is "Idol" also for the West, which concerns the use of appraisingly monitoring and persecution by facial recognition (Chinese robots with face recognition). This has, as Hong Kong shows, immediately affect the perception of fundamental burger rights and the stay in public space (demonstrators try to switch over monitoring).

Before facial recognition punctured and then flattened with us and then hardly more processed can be made, it is now the highest time to discuss the consequences before massive importation and afterwards and at rest a decision to make if a waiver is not a social Progress could mean.

Because Telepolis deems the importation of face recognition for another decisive and dangerous step towards a monitoring and control company, we unavailed the call for a ban of automated facial recognition of burger rights organizations. They turn concrete against the intention of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to install at 135 Bahnhofen and 14 Airport facial recognition. At a corresponding draft for the amendment of the Federal Police Act is worked.

Bundism demands prohibition of automated facial recognition

A civil society organizations have turned against the head of the Ministry of the Interior to use automated facial recognition at 135 Bahnhofen and 14 airport. Instead, the covenancy demands "Stop face recognition" A ban on this highly problem technology in Germany. Even though an improvement of security seems to be meaningful about Bahnhofen, automated facial recognition is not just unsuitable as a remedy of Dafur, but has immense negative consequences for million passers-by and travelers.

Automated facial recognition means a permanent secret occupational monitoring in public areas such as Bahnhofen or Airport. The body data of all leading-ups are recorded and automatically balanced with databases without having to notice those affected. This enables automated face recognition deep into the rights and freedoms of people when biometric body data is almost analyzed in passing and amazed.

"Automatic facial recognition is high-risk technology", explains Viktor Schluter from the organization digital freedom: "High false detection rates, the discrimination against women and People of Color and the enormous abuse potential are a danger for democracy."

"This unnecessary and invasive biometric system is only another building block to create the machine-readable people. Through the random passenger ranking, we put a digital track with our body data, which, for all of us, also restricted us because of the incrediousness of the algorithms used in our rights and freedoms", said Dirk Engling, Speaker of the Chaos Computer Clubs.

"The optical mendion of faces threatens to become another form of amusement monitoring, only this time with detailed corporation data", Fuger Rehak is added to the Forum of Informatics for Peace and Social Responsibility. "Now we have to put these dangerous planning in the way before more and more public space with biometric recognition systems are being added, which also do not even bring security."

"The use of this technology for monitoring the public space also roughes political participation: who needs to be feared, automatically detected, will not participate in a demonstration in doubt", Gives Elisabeth Niekrenz from the digital society to consider.

In the light of steadily declining crime rates in Germany, not only does not there is no need for new, expensive and inefficient surveillance measures to promptly invented corporate data from travelers, but is it time to initiate a ban on this socially harmful technology. A ban of automated facial recognition in Germany already has role models: Several US heavy dates have banned the use of technology through state bodies in public space due to the associated dangers. The city council of San Francisco, for example, designated automated facial recognition as "Dangerous weapon" as well as incompatible with a healthy democracy and prohibition their use.

The fact that the expensive technique is overhead and to fulfill the hoped-for purpose is also doubtful: in a facial recognition test of the Ministry of Interior and Federal Police in 2018 in Berlin, the false detection rate was so high that more than every 200. Person false was recognized. This was done solely on the tested Berlin station Sudkreuz to daily 600 false alarms. The Chaos Computer Club and the Forum Informatics for Peace and Social Responsibility criticized the unscientific approach and evaluation of the tests as well as the clearly directed test results.

The farm "Stop face recognition" Consists of the civil society organizations digital freedom, Chaos Computer Club, Digital Society, Forum Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility and Digital Courage.