Eu commission urges joint immigration policy

In the competition for the coveted experts, the Commission relies on simplified procedures and green cards

The EU Commission wants to put the course in order to quickly open the treatments to an open immigration policy. For too long, Europe has also slept, because the knowledge that the shrinking and aging EU states urgently needed people needed to maintain their economic power in the long term and can secure their social systems, is not the latest date. It is also known that specialized workforce is needed in technology and science and the European countries with each other and with other states has already come into a competition for the coveted experts. The Commission therefore urges that a common immigration policy started and a GreenCard had to be introduced at European level.

In 15 years, the young generation up to 25 years is just once again a quarter of the population, while the number of 80-year-old will increase up to 9 percent. Not only computer experts will be missing in the next few years, the entire population in a working age is back in many countries. If there are to be secured in the EU’s standard of living, social security, economic, technical and scientific progress, or even, for example, the payment of pensions, at least a high mobility within the member states, but also long-term a massive immigration will be necessary. In order to keep the size of the working population constant, Italy had to fetch a half a million immigrants to the country for a year old 350000 and Germany. However, larger immigration streams were still necessary to keep the ratio of people retired to the working population constant.

Impatient is the Portuguese EU Commissioner Antonio Vitorino, stated in justice and home affairs, in view of the referral implementation of the Amsterdam Treaty, which concerns the development of a common asylum and migration policy. However, the Great Britain, Danemark and Ireland have already refused to take over binding losses from the Agreement adopted in 1997. As long as the proposed legal instruments fall in accordance with the state of the member states, so criticized Vitorino, the beginning of a "Real asylum and immigration policy" illusory. The Commissioner also turns sharply against governments that are still inherent in immigration policy and put on the resentment of the Wahler: "The Commission has pointed out that the demand for zero immigration is completely unrealistic."

"Without further immigration and with a constant number of children per woman, the population in Germany is expected to decline from currently 82 million to less than 60 million by the year 2050. In this case, the number of acquisitions in Germany was returned from today 41 to 26 million. The life expectancy of people rises, the number of births continues to access, the population ages altogether. This also applies if more children should be born again per family, as there are already fewer potential parents than in early generations." (Report of the independent commission "Immigration"

Already at the end of 2000, the Commission had brought to an acceleration of immigration policy and Europe declared more or less to the immigration area (EU Commission launches debate on immigration). At that time she had been asked to act as a catalyst. The proposal now notified for a directive that regulates the acquisition of third-country nationals and develops the principles of a common immigration policy is a result. "Our societies need immigration", said Vitorino. "Politics should respond to such a need. This is just a first step that immigrants will be legally coming, work permits and general rights, if there are workplaces that can not be filled from the local labor market." The German proposals for immigration policy have been convinced in the coarse and whole with its ideas, the Commissioner said.

The Commission suggests "Flexible rules" before "Different developments of the labor market takes into account the demands of EU employers and the rights of legal immigrants." Proposes a uniform and simplified procedure for immigration, which a new document is introduced, which applies to the stay and work permit. The workers should have four weeks time to check if free workplaces can not be occupied by EU burgers. The member states will allow special programs to be implemented for specific areas, so specific green card programs. In addition, you can "Highly qualified and highly paid" Experts from third countries easier. Overdies should be "Coordination mechanism" to be introduced to see if the immigration policy of member standards "Coharent and joint criteria" is operated.

Numbers did not mention Vitorino. However, if the immigration is not regulated, one can not connect illegal immigration, trafficking in human trafficking or black work, which means the stability of Europe in the long term. During a conference in October, in preparation for the meeting of the European Council in Laeken, which is taking place at the end of the year, a review and accounting of the steps introduced by the member countries will take place.