Greece: “democratization of the golden morgenrote”?

Greece:'demokratisierung der goldenen morgenrote'?

Handle of the golden morning red on a demo 2105. Image: Dtrocks / CC BY-SA-4.0

Former Minister of Justice of Tsipras Make the right-wing extremist Party Salon

The former Minister of Justice of the First two governments of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, has taken care of on Sunday with an interview in the Zeitung Vradini for significant vortex in the Greek political world. He recommends an adoption of the Golden Morgenrote (Chrysi Avgi) to democratize the Neonazist Party.

The exercises face the premier who got his budget through Parliament in the night from Saturday to Sunday with 152 out of 300 votes, before a serious dilemma. Can he have paraskevopoulos in the barriers?

Paraskevopoulos, an emeritized Jura professor, was appointed in January 2015 by Tsipras as an Auberarlamentar expert without party shareholder to the Minister of Justice. In the early new elections in September 2015, he got a secure list court in front of many long-established party members. Now, as a simple deputy, he gave an interview of the Zeitung Vradini. In this, he was asked about how he became the fact that Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, Vice Defense Minister Dimitris Vitsas and a group of governmental coalition members together with three deputies of the Golden Morgenrote demonstratively flew to Greek border islands. This should serve to demonstrate immunity and determination to the increasingly aggressive and the boundaries to demolish turkish politicians. The whole thing was garnished with a military touch. The journey to the islands took place by militar helicopter.

There, the delegation was welcomed by a subsequent of the troops stationed on RO, Megisti (Strogyli) and Kastelorizo. The investigation and legal proceedings on the Golden Morgenrote, which has been charged with the Golden Morgenrote, which has been charged with the formation of a criminal association and in the political and racist murderously, as negotiated at the Rapper Killahp, is still not completed.

For the proclusion of the procedure begun under TSIPRAS procedure Antonis Samaras, the Syriza-independent Greek coalition is made responsible by numerous critics. In fact, processes were postponed for a long-lasting dispute by a suitable courtroom for several months.

Blank horror about the proposal

The incident has also provided an open exchange in Greece for an open exchange rate within the government parties. The party newspaper of Syriza, the Avgi, joined the criticism of Nea Dimokratia, Pasok, Kke, to Potami and Auberarlamental Opposition Parties. They condemned the group photos of Syriza deputies with Nazigrobes as a monstrous act. It isamental, said Chefs commentator Thanassis Karteros. In the case of repetition, he closed, must be thought about a divorce.

Very different paraskevopoulos. When he was asked in the interview, as he came to the incident, he reacted surprisingly. Must, meant the Fruhere Minister of Justice, the exclusion of the golden morning red thinking, and instead the party democratize, he said.

"The image of joining Kastelorizo and Ro did not like many of us", He drove out, "On the other hand, we have to decide what we want to introduce the Golden Morgenrote to the climate of democracy or stapled to provoke a crack." The sentence followed his own unique attitude to the topic: "In my opinion, there must first be a serious attempt." Paraskevopoulos believes that the question of whether the Golden Morgenrote wants to approach the democratic values of which depends on how the other parties stand for her. So if the Golden Morgenrote has now been to be discussed to accept democratic structures, then they have to have a stressed paraskevopoulos, supported by the other parties.

The exercises of the politicians selected by Tsipras Personally made in Greece in the mentioned above-mentioned parties for Brankes horror. Finally, the Golden Morgenrote is here because of numerous violent surprises but also because of its racial ideology as an unacceptable speech partner.

When there was a similar, unpaved project of Samaras at the Government of Tsipras Procedure Antonis Samaras then Takis Baltakos Cabinet Chief Takis Baltakos, he had to take his hat. Baltakos had tried in informal talks with the prominent press spokesman and Member of the Golden Morgenrote Ilias Kasidiaris what paraskevopoulos is now. Kasidiaris used secret conversation at his defense as he did "Membership in a criminal organization" was charged. At the time, Kasidiaris had also used the talks with the high-ranking politician Baltakos as evidence that his party was not a criminal organization, but simply a nationalist party.

At that time Syriza had screamed as a large opposition party on the loudest after the immediate release of Baltakos. Samaras himself had Baltakos, who acted on their own initiative at their own initiative, set the chair before the Tourch before Baltakos could justify himself. The entire lead peak of Syriza still had the responsibility for the Affare to the former Premier Samara.

In the current case, the statements sound differently. Now leading members of Syriza, like the Vice Presentation of the European Parliament Dimitris Papadimoulis in the contentious exercises Paraskevopoulos merely his personal opinion, "Not in line with the party line stands".

Immediately after the point of view of the interview, it rumorten itself in the party body of Syriza over the lack of response of the lead. In social networks, Syriza-Hummange Prime Minister Tsipras advocated to throw paraskevopoulos immediately from the group and to demand his jerking from the Membershipmandate.