Holocaust of animals?

The controversial campaign of the animal rights organization PeTA should cause a stir in Germany this fall

Holocaust of animals?

Harald Ullmann, the German vice-president of the animal rights organization "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PeTA), has no problem with clear statements. "Whoever eats a schnitzel or a rabbit," says Ullmann in an interview with Telepolis, "must know that he is participating in the Holocaust of animals." And because this is the way it is, the local section of the Association of the German.The German Army, which is the largest animal rights organization in the world, decided without further ado to import a campaign by its American colleagues, which is still making waves in the United States.

Both on the Internet and as part of a traveling exhibition, the images of Holocaust victims are shown there alongside emaciated cows, caged chickens and slaughtered pigs (The Holocaust on your Plate). Who did not understand the message of the slideshow, gets further clarification through selected quotes of famous intellectual giants. Theodor W. Adorno is on masskilling.com, for example, with the sentence "Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals" immortalized, and by Nobel Prize winner Isaac B. Singer, you will find the who’s who words that have been thoroughly thought through: "In relation to [animals], all people are Nazis; for [them] it is an eternal Treblinka." Ullmann is firmly convinced that this campaign is also suitable for other countries and, with a little good will, will be understood correctly:

"After all, it is only a matter of documenting the extent of worldwide cruelty. We do not want to minimize the suffering of the Holocaust victims in any way. the actions in the USA are even sponsored by a Jewish philanthropist."

Which, however, he cannot name. Or will. Or may. Dass die Kampagne, die moglichst 1:1 umgesetzt werden und im Herbst in Deutschland anlaufen soll, auf heftigen Widerstand und grundlegendes Unverstandnis stoben wird, ist Ullmann klar, angesichts des groben Zieles aber wohl nicht so wichtig:

"We must finally stop turning our backs on cruelty and injustice."

There is nothing to be said against it, but whether it should be done in this way must be strongly doubted. On the other side of the Atlantic, the protests are not dying down. Manuel Prutschi, a member of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said: "We have to stop this "completely irresponsible" and a statement from Yad Vashem "views with disgust the tasteless use of the Holocaust in such campaigns, however justified". The German Central Council of Jews did not want to comment on the project, but said that they were already informed about the plans.

Perhaps PeTA should rather concentrate on the publicity campaigns that have made the organization famous in recent years, but at least have not exposed it to the suspicion of pursuing ethical goals without moral considerations and putting every public appearance in the service of unscrupulous showmanship.

When Natascha and Uwe Ochsenknecht are photographed naked – as happened recently – to draw attention to the sad fate of chained dogs, when the foam-clad stars of the RTL soap opera "Good times – bad times" for the slogan "Stay clean – Don’t wear fur" advertise, or when PeTA activists have the traditional Salzburg butcher’s leap, which is supposed to wash the apprentices clean of their sins, immortalized with food coloring in a "Bloodbath" If the ducks and geese are transformed into foie gras, in all likelihood no personal feelings will be harmed.

And even if Ingrid Newkirk, the imaginative reason and 1. Chairwoman of PeTA-Germany, may turn prominent parts of her body into lethal demonstration objects, this will at best only affect her own human dignity, if suitable executors can be found at all. After all, Mrs. Newkirk’s liver is to "The animals, which will be vacuum-packed and sent to France to make the population aware of the cruel practices of force-feeding geese and ducks for foie gras." From the skin can "leather products will be made to show that there is no difference between animal and human skin and that hides are not fabrics from which to make clothes." After all, an eye of the 1. Chairman "to a laboratory as a sign that PeTA will always keep an eye on progress in the transition to non-animal testing methods."

But Mrs. Newkirk is also a private person and in this function a self-confessed Michael Schumacher fan. That is why she likes to see a part of her heart buried at the Hockenheimring, "preferably near the Ferrari Pit", at the Hockenheimring. Nothing beats a self-contained world view!