“Horsesohn, i will curse you with this forum”

Duterte election poster

Obama says a meeting with the Philippine President Derter, after this announced, "the Americans" at the Aseean summit in Laos "to crawl in the ass"

From 6. Until 8. September takes place in the Laotian capital Vientiane an ASEAN summit, where the outgoing US Prassident Barack Obama participates as a guest. He should meet, among other things, with the Philippine Prasident Rodrigo Dutter. However, Obama said, after him, Obama donated yesterday by the International Press, if the US prasident criticize him because of his criminal title policies, then "we will roll like saue in the dirt".

He, so did not do not have a politician "with the mental ability of dogs who crawl the Americans in the ass". That’s why Obama must take him to him against "Act respectful" And not just blob "Statement" hand over. Directed directly to Obama said the Philippine Prasident: "Horsesohn, I will curse you with this forum".

Duterte election poster

The choice of words of words is unusual for a politician – but not for him: he described in the past, among others Pope Francis (which caused a gigantic traffic jam when he visited the Philippines in 2015) and the American Ambassador Philip Goldberg (who relative to the election campaign relative open against him) as "Son of a bitch", without having reduced its popularity in the Philippine people, such as his election victory on the 9. May showed.

The occasion of Dutertes Warning to Obama was allowed to be that the United States Embassy reminded the Philippine Government in August after media reports on extrajal executions that American military assistance, which has fleeed the country since the Cold War, "Rule of law and respect for human rights" Abhere (cf. Lynchjustice as a government program).

The Philippine Aufem Minister Perfecto Yasay Junior then announced that the behavior of his country had been instructed to examine prompted human rights violations in the evidence of drug and gamen and any existing crimes "bring in court". You also pay attention in the fight against the crime "The rule of law and the protection of human rights" and cheap none "unlawful totungs" (see. Philippine Government gives American prere.

Offensive dealing with lynce justifiable

In the election campaign Derter had promised to the people, as Prasident to be a very hard and uncompromising crime faucer. After his choice, he warned all criminals, they should leave the country better within a few weeks. His hometown Davao had developed as a burger master in 22 years from the country’s murder capital to one of the safest city of the Philippines.

The 71-year-old virgin users achieved his critics after not only with zero tolerance policy (up to the enforcement of the smoke ban, tempo 30 and an outgoing lock for minors from 22 o’clock) and with overall surveillance cameras with high resolution, but also Due to the toleration of (or even cooperation with) Vigilant groups, which partly from the former communist militia Bagong Hukbong Bayan ("New People’s Army") Have recruited and up to 1.400 gang members and other criminal gently.

The current prasident himself played offensively with such promises as a burger master of Davao, if he relyer from those who will penalize in his city, he was "soon dead". In 2012 he set a bounty in a high of translated 120.000 dollars on the head of an organized criminal band – with a bonus in the high of 24.000 dollars when the head is brought in a tute with ice blend, "so he does not stink so". In addition, he went as to the head of the death of the death penalty and 100.Let 000 criminal.

Laos hopes on Western tourists

ASEAN stands for "Association of Southeast Asian Nations". This group, which in sudostasies set up a free trade zone and improve the security situation, is located next to the Philippines and Laos Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma. Laos, the land in which the summit takes place together with Cambodia and Myanmar to the least developed countries of the community. Its about six and a half million inhabitants mostly speak dialects that are closely related to those in the north of Thailand. The most significant minority is the Hmong – a mountain violk that is called in China Miao.

In 1975, in the formerly to the Colony Franzosisch-Indochina area, the Communist Guerilla Group Pathet Lao the power, which dominated domestic development such as Vietnam, which was economically less successful,. Relations with the USA normalized Laos only in 2012, since then it has been hoped for tourists from Western countries, who no longer have to expect a comprehensive room recruitment to get on thronger from the war.