Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

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Soder bezeichnet Stiko als amateurhaft, Holetschek will fur "professional support" worry. Dispute over compulsory vaccination intensifies across Europe. In France, opponents of vaccination are becoming radicalized

A recent study in France confirms that vaccinated people are better protected against infection with the coronavirus. This also applies to the delta variant, according to the scientists responsible for assessing statistics, whose research department (Drees) is affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

The basis of their evaluation are 2.120 positive PCR tests reported in the period of 28. June to 4. July as daily average are given. Result: About 80 percent – in absolute numbers about 1.700 – of the daily positive test results concerned unvaccinated people. The fully vaccinated represent only 6 percent of the population. Those among them who declared that they had symptoms accounted for 4 percent. (Three percent of the cases involved people who had received a vaccine dose less than 14 days ago. Those who had been vaccinated for the first time more than 14 days ago or had received their second dose less than seven days ago, and among "effective first dose" categorized, accounted for 11 percent of those testing positive.)

Particular attention was paid to how the vaccination protection compared to the delta variant. According to the Drees researchers, the proportion of those tested positive among those vaccinated twice was 5.5 percent. This percentage drops to 4.7 percent in symptomatic traps.

This result is making the rounds in French media today. It remains to be seen how convincing it is for vaccinators, vaccination skeptics and vaccination opponents. Although the booking platform Doctolib still records a larger number of registrations for a vaccination: 432.000 had registered on 14. July registered, which is a great number for a holiday, he said. But the national holiday also showed a whole crowd of demonstrators in various cities protesting against the health passport.


It remains to be seen how large the proportion of anti-vaccination protesters (who also opposed Macron’s reforms of unemployment insurance and pensions) is, and how their political influence can be assessed. According to statements and proclamations posted on social networks, vaccinated people also protested against the expansion of the health passport.

They oppose the compulsion to vaccinate that accompanies this mabnahme. But it was also striking that the image of the yellow vests is changing. Among them there are now, as posters and rallies show, many radical opponents of vaccination, some of them resorting to very bizarre ideological explanations. At this place in short more exactly on the Phanomen is dealt with.

When it comes to vaccination and the race against the rapidly spreading delta variant, which is causing the number of infections to skyrocket again, the way people interact with each other shows that nerves are once again on edge, and that camps are being formed and polarizations reinforced.

Not only radicalized randers, but also politicians, are involved in the charge, as can be seen in Germany.

"We appreciate the Stiko, but this is a voluntary organization", said Soder on Wednesday evening to the BR-political magazine "Controversial". "The EMA – the European Medicines Agency – these are the professionals. They have decided: Yes, the vaccine is approved. Pediatricians and adolescents, at least most of them, recommend vaccination." Soder has been calling for the Vaccine Commission to reconsider its stance on vaccinating 12- to 17-year-olds for days now.


This contributes to the dismantling of the Standing Commission on Vaccination, which is used for the election campaign. Soder, who recently wanted to become chancellor, shows that he still has a lot of his former CSU secretary-general in him and how he deals with institutions that do not want to bend to his political will. It is always said that a healthy democracy requires that institutions be treated with respect.

To call the members of the Stiko amateurs is toxic on several levels (for example, as far as honorary activity is concerned) and inappropriate. Like BR, which is doing a good job of reporting in a non-governmental manner, the members of the Stiko work in positions that are closely related to their task of assessing and recommending vaccines. The distinction between "allow and recommend" the CSU leader puts obviously also no value, as he does not take note also of other argumentations.

His health minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) strikes in the same notch, when he suggests, as it became known today, the foundation of a federal health authority. The Stiko needs "professional support".

The responsibility lies with the adults

The chairman of the Standing Commission on Vaccination, Thomas Mertens, defended himself yesterday on a talk show. It is not so, "that if you do not vaccinate everyone, you will have to close the schools".

Those who argue in this way are misleading parents, says Mertens. He gave cause for concern:

"We have nine million children under the age of twelve. We can’t vaccinate them anyway, because there is no approved vaccine. Therefore, it is also problematic to say: We must vaccinate everyone. Because you can not."

Mertens sees responsibility in adults. It is true that a higher number of infections and a higher number of deaths are to be expected "even a little more death traps" if children and adolescents have not been vaccinated. But this is only true, "if the adults are not vaccinated at the same time" be. In his view, a 75 percent vaccination coverage rate would give the next wave a chance to level off.