Munchen wants traffic problems with cable car loop

Visualization of the planned Munchner cable car: Image: © belly plan).(

At the airport a mini transrapid should be built

Munchen is Germany’s jam capital – and also the public transport works so badly that even Berliner like Felix of Leitner shocked. A little improvement should now bring a new means of transport, which is not transported on or under the earth, but via it: a cable car.

The 50 to 60 meters high suspension rail is intended to reduce the plan of the Schorguber group of companies after the crowd on the particularly superfilled and unpopular subway lines U3 and U6 by working with 32-person cabins at an hourly 4.000 Passenger from the U3 station Oberwiesenfeld to the U6 stop Studentenstadt brings. So far, you have to take a bus for this way, which is very often in a traffic jam, or drive eight subway stations and change to the Munchner freedom.

However, by far the worst bottleneck, the Sendlinger Gate with its transition to the tramways and the lines U1 and U2, however, is not relieved. For short bars that could contribute there to a discharge, the MVG allegedly has too little drivers, as she announced the city council to Tuesday. Three years ago, when the transport company said on request from Telepolis, it does not need a driverless wane, that sounded very different (cf. Standstill in driverless towards).

Rider (SPD) and Aigner (CSU) for that

The opportunities for the fact that the four and a half-kilometer-long electric air connection is actually furnished on the Frankfurt Ring are well, because both Munchens Social Democratic Oberburgermeister Dieter Reiter as well as Bavaria’s ChristSocial Transport Minister Ilse Aigner Dafur and the treasured 50 million euro costs between the federal government and country split. Aigner was on a press conference yesterday "enthusiastic"; Rider spoke of one "all around successful idea".

50 million euros are a lot of money – but only a six-and-fourth of the 2.3 billion euros, which will cost the treasures known on Tuesday after the planned airport S-Bahn Express tunnel between Daglfing and Johanneskirchen up to 2037. Before the disclosure of this treasure, the Munchner City Council had expected 970 million euros. The tunnel is intended to ensure that the S-Bahns are no longer stapling from good traffic, with which they are currently sharing the tracks. An above-ground expansion was only cost 757 million euros, but take up building land.

Mini transrapid and air taxi landing sites

not to the Airport, how originally planned (cf. Progress in the snail tempo), but at the Airport itself a Transrapid Magnetic Treatment is designed to travel, for whose planning of the Bundestag approved four million euros in the end of June. The train was able to connect to the airport GmbH business chairman Michael Kerkloh the terminals 1 and 2 with each other and with a planned company and research campus.

At the Munchner Hauptbahnhof, which the magnetic shift railway should connect the old plan to the airport, the Munchner CSU faction leader Manuel Pretzl managed to create start-up and landmarks for air taxis, which by his words "soon realign" could, because companies like Lilium from Gilching "shortly before the" Hours (cf. Electric airplane: Vertical starter Lilium Jet successfully completed first test flight over Bavaria). Therefore, the railway to a request to its faction should schedule its factions according to the upcoming renovation. Then passengers could reach the main train station within seven minutes from the airport.

Badel for traces and praise for escalators

Whether more people decide on a continuation by train, it was also allowed to stop if the company manages to get his disruption under control. For example, they exist from 27. July to 11. September on the route between Munchen, Freising and Landshut, which will only be supplied with a transfer patchwork over the airport during this period. There can then be for a just over 70 kilometers long range travel times from up to two-quarter hours. That the train "coarsent" Standarded to demand any extra-warrants for the detours for the detours, at least a passenger to buy a car, as he announced on Twitter.

Praise in social media, however, receives the train for her transition to escalators, which are no longer in changing directions, but only upwards. They are not only very much inexpensive and "Significantly less story", but also prevent young people down, while at the same time handicapped pensioners axle up. From 2019, the company wants to use these new technology tested at Rosenheim Place to eleven further in Munchen.