Rotterdam: compulsory contraception for irresponsible parents?

Dutch politician De Jonge demands this for parents struggling with drug and alcohol addiction: "Not being born is also a form of child protection"

In Rotterdam, Christian Democrat politician Hugo de Jonge (CDA) has submitted a proposal to the city council that conflicts with elementary safeguards of personal liberties and raises fears of the next dimension of a control society: De Jonge proposes that women who have shown themselves to be irresponsible mothers should in future be required by law to use contraception.

"Zwangerschapsverbod", Schwangerschaftsverbot, heibt ein Stichwort der Diskussion, die schon 2008 aufflammte. At the time, it was a Social Democratic politician, Marjo van Dijken of the Party of Labor (PvdA), who brought a legislative proposal to the public to address the problem of dysfunctional parents "dysfunctional parents" to counter.

A Social Democrat, Agnes Wolbert, is also among the supporters of the proposal to the Rotterdam City Council. If all other possibilities are exhausted, this measure can be taken in exceptional cases to prevent particularly bad situations, Agnes Wolbert is quoted as saying in a report in Die Welt.

The fact that party lines are put aside indicates that this is a problem on which programs from the party bureaucracies have obviously exhausted themselves. According to the report of the World, on the one hand, it is about a limited, manageable number of traps:

In Rotterdam, ten to 20 women could be affected per year, such as drug addicts or homeless people. For example, they were then given a contraceptive stick or an IUD. The world

But on the other hand, according to the Dutch medium nrc, it is about a cruder problem area. About 400 women are in the focus of the social authorities, they should be convinced that they use contraception voluntarily. Most of them have to deal with more serious drug or alcohol problems. In the report sounds that children had to be given to foster families.

The argument of the CDA politician, who pleads for a forced marriage and has support from gynecologists and the judiciary, starts with the best interests of the child. "Growing up safe and healthy is as much a right as having children", he is quoted by the world. At nrc it states:

In the past the priority was the interest of the parents, now there is more attention to the protection of the child. Not being born is also a form of child protection.

Hugo de Jonge

He sees forced conceiving as a last resort – some children were born into families where everyone in the vicinity was "Stomach ache got". He is quoted by another publication as saying who he is referring to: for example, women who are addicted, who have mental health problems, who are mentally disabled, who are homeless, or who work in prostitution…

The Mabnahme had to be decided by a judge, according to de Jonge. The latter must then judge whether everything has really been tried and whether the problems justify such a serious measure.

In 2012, an attempt to introduce mandatory birth control was rejected because of ethical and practical objections, according to the nrc report, and politicians have loved it ever since. Even now the government shows that it does not want to set limits here. Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the right-wing liberal VVD explained:

The authorities can not decide who has children or not. That’s a line we can’t cross.

Mark Rutte

According to the report of the World there are among politicians "Understanding the challenges faced by doctors and social workers", But they are convinced against forced contraception. It is hoped that the work of persuasion of the supervisors of the social projects will be successful. In the city of Tilburg, four-fifths of the participants have been aborted.