Teslas criticism of german burocracy stobs contradiction and benevolent

Teslas criticism of German Burocracy stobs contradiction and benevolent

Teslas criticism of the approval procedure around its Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin stobs in the middle-class officer of the Federal Government, Thomas Bareib (CDU), on suspension. "I do not know any other project, which was done so much on all levels to realize a quick realization, such as the project Tesla", Said Beib’s Handelsblatt.

Tesla had emphasized in a letter to the Oberanverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg, his work helps through the dissemination of electromobility against climate change. However, there are 16 months after the application no schedule for a final approval of the construction of his factory. That "Blatant problem" It is that projects that prevented climate change were treated and those who accelerated him were treated equally. The US electric car manufacturer wants to produce in Grunheide from summer and at the end 500.Manufacture 000 Model Y per year. So far, the Gigafactory is only built with leading permits.

Brandenburg Economic Minister Jorg Steinbach (SPD) opened open for a legislative person to prefer investment that served security security. However, the Federal Ministry of Economics pointed out that eight laws came into force in the current legislative period to accelerate planning and approval.

Support from the German economy

The OKONOM Michael Huther, director of the Institute of German Economics, demanded rapid procedures for projects in which it is about to decarbonize production and mobilitat. Here, non-material arguments or groups that are not affected should affect the increase in interest. It is spoken in federal and stainally, but the progress is low. So hindered to achieve the climate policy goals.

Compared to the Handelsblatt Room in Beib is that the Tesla project is difficult to release, "always coarse conflict of interest" between species protection, environmental protection and climate protection indication. Politics and approval level had to be more and more between "the protection of the habitat of the bat or the lizard and on the other hand compliance with our high climate protection goals" Staying and prioritating, said the Parliamentary State Secretar in the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Especially in the middle class were "Approval expiry more and more to the investment", Extended Bareion. The approval times had doubled within ten years. But be with the new investment acceleration law "First important steps" been made.

Tesla had become a process of German Environmental Help (DUH) in front of the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg. The DUH wants to force the Federal Government over a court rival to set up a program to achieve the climate protection target 2030. Duh-Chef Jurgen Resch named Teslas letter "blessing", Because he brings momentum into the discussion, as the uberburocratization will be backed up, without grinding the participation options of civil society.

Approval procedure

The first 1500 pages comprehensive documents for the approval procedure had Tesla on 20. December 2019 submitted. The tarpaulin was designed twice as Tesla had made a few changes in the meantime. Until 3. September 2020 turned into accounts of 414 people; Such a number is in such methods, the Land Brandenburg.

Most recently, concerns had become loud because of the water supply in the affected area. In doing so, investment optimization has already led to a significant reduction in water consumption against the original planning. This is obvious hot pumps instead of a gas-powered central heating system and air instead of water boiler.

Tesla has hitherto been on the occurrence of premature beginnings, so far in order to build the investment already before the granting of authorization at its own risk. Of these, the State Office for the Environment Nine has granted nine, a motion had accessed Tesla, two applications are currently undergraded.

Tesla Model Y

Teslas criticism of German Burocracy stobs contradiction and benevolent

The regulation to allow premature beginning is available in all federal tandations, it is used by investors of various industries. If there is no overall permit, the investor must restore or compensate for the original state. Tesla has ied patronage clarifications, as working in Grunheide are progressed.