The information society wastes rough energy quantities

Idle electrical equipment consume 11 percent of the electricity

You want to always be ready. That’s why all devices have to go through. But that costs electricity and money. Highly probably the power consumption still increases when all the devices are reached to the Internet, which is the vision of the information society. According to a study created on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety (BMU) and the Environmental Agency, idle electrical apparatuses in the EU consume 90 billion kilowatt hours, which corresponds to a quota outset of 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide whole Switzerland in one year to the environment.

In Germany, 11 percent of electricity or 20 billion kilowatt hours in households and buros are consumed by idle equipment. Who is technically well sustained and in his household TV, VideoGerat, HiFi system, electric cooker with clock, satellite receiver, PC, fax and laser printers, is paying for the idle performance of 90 watts to the 260 marks. The media, ie televisions and video recorder in continuous readiness, are the coasted energy swords in households. In Buros, however, telephone systems, fax gates and answering machine, followed by copiers, PCs and printers. The information society demands its price.

However, there are also opportunities to counteract the rising consumption, even if the device density continues to increase: "Upon purchase of current equipment, idle losses and CO2 outstaff were climbed by approximately 11% in 1995 until 2010. Were only purchased the most energy-efficient devices, despite the forecasted higher equipment, a reduction in idle losses to be expected by around 43% by the year 2010." The Federal Government wants to make a great deal for the reduction in energy consumption during its EU prasid. Refer to the "1-Watt plan". All new gates from the year 2010 should not take more than a watt of this plan in idle: "If the devices used today were replaced by those with no more than 1 watt idling loss performance, after a treasure of the Federal Environmental Agency, the idle losses of households and Buros in Germany are reduced by almost 90%." The goods already something.