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Enterprise java: eclipse foundation free jakarta ee 9

Enterprise Java: Eclipse Foundation Free Jakarta EE 9

After a long range with two multi-month appointment displacements, the Eclipse Foundation has released the Jakarta Enterprise Edition in Version 9. The individual specifications are now available in the final catch on the website of the Jakarta-EE working group. It is to be expected that in the coming months, the Gehrigen Java Application Server strive for a certification to Jakarta EE 9.

Since 2018, Jakarta EE is the name of the Enterprise Edition of Java and leads the history of Java EE Fort. The ninth edition brings no substantial innovations, but from trademark grunden, however, the APIs contained the Java Package Prafix of "javax" on "Jakarta". The conversion of existing applications therefore requires a review of its own source code, which was most recently in Java EE 5 with the introduction of annotations.

Jakarta EE is a collection of industrial standards that allow to program corporate applications in Java, which are independent of the application server used. Surgical expenses of Jakarta EE are intended to introduce new skills and responds to the Cloud Environment. In 2017 Oracle had the then Java EE on the Eclipse Foundation.

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Wi-fi-wireless memory card

Wi-Fi-wireless memory card

Most inexpensive 3D printers may receive printed files for lack of network connection on a memory card or via the USB port. This is not only more duly, but in the long run for the printer card slot not healthy.

The project Espwebdav of the Github User Ardyesp If there is an elegant way: Over an SD card adapter, it does not only connect a micro SD card to the adapter connections, but also with an ESP8266 module. On this a WebDAV server works (WEb-ased DIstributed AUthoring and VESSIONING, Internet Protocol for transferring files), with the help of which files can be stored on the map memory on the map.

If you know that you know: something similar under the name Eyefi. These memory cards, especially for cameras, were able to transfer files on Wi-Fi to a map manufacturer’s internet server, from where you could then access it. After switching off this server, however, this network function did not love to use, local access did not allow the Eyefi cards. This is different with this project, because the server is not somewhere on the Internet, but on the ESP module.

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Ecitaro g: daimler build electric articulated bus – even with hard body battery

Daimler wants to offer another electric city bus with the Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro G. As the short suggests, it is a hinge bus that offers up to 157 passengers and also a driver. For the ECITARO G, according to the manufacturer, there are good 60 performed; He should be delivered this year.

As the first omnibus of its category, the Ecitaro G is optionally delivered with hard corner batteries, Daimler shared with. These are lithium-polymer batteries in which the usually liquid electrolyte is in a solid form. This battery type does not use cobalt, nickel or manganese. With seven battery packs, the ECITARO G reaches a total capacity of 441 kWh, which is intended for urban use of urban use.

Ranges with fuel cell

Otherwise, the Ecitaro G with lithium-ion batteries in NMC execution will be considered, which should come to a capacity of 396 kWh again this year. Mercedes-Benz wants to offer both battery locations, as hard corner batteries in contrast to lithium-ion batteries are very engraved for a quick and thus permanent loading.

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Electric cars: china criticizes tesla

Electric cars: China criticizes Tesla

Chinese authorities have admonished Tesla to respond more to customer complaints. Among other things, it is about complaints because of battery beds, unexpected acceleration and failed software updates over radio, such as Chinese media report.

The US electric car manufacturer suggested in a Weibo post, he will review the causes for the complaints and his business expires and strictly adheres to the Chinese consumer protection laws China Daily.

Create consumer interests

Recently, among other things, representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, Industrial Ministry and the State Market Supervisory Authority met with Tesla representatives. These were referred to the complaints and has been prompted to maintain consumer interests more efficiently, it is called in a government announcement.

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Intercom: new internal communication path for apple products

Intercom: New internal communication path for Apple products

Apple has also introduced a new communication function for small groups together with his new, cost-minded Smart Speaker. The technique called Intercom is not only in the homepod mini, but also works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods and Cars with Apple’s Vehicle Integration CarPlay. It reminds of the communication with Walkie-Talkies, but in the form of voice messages.

Speaking in the family group

Currently intended is the function for family groups – probably if you are part of a family share (Family Sharing). According to Apple’s information, Intercom offers family members the possibility to get into contact with each other quickly and easily. For example, a person can send an intercom message from a homepod to another. This can be in a different room, a specific zone of the house or in different rooms. The message is sent as a voice recording to the respective device, other users can answer answers.

Siri helps create and answers

If a group member is traveling, users can receive intercom messages on their mobile device – up to the car. The corresponding commands are easy to remember: "Hey Siri, tell everyone…" Shares the message with the entire group. With "Hey Siri, answer…" Lets directly answers. Individual users can choose whether they really want to receive intercom messages on the iPhone – or about only if they are at home. In addition, the family manager evidently eliminates who overhever is part of the intercom group – it is used on the iPhone on the App Home.

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