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Two in one strike

Has President Bush now finished off his other opponent, Howard Dean??

What does the arrest of "Tigers of Tikrit" for the Iraqis? What does it mean for the Americans and for the next presidential election??

Newsweek has pulled the cover story it had planned for today, an article on Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean, in order to go with Saddam and the headline "We Got Him" open. With the elimination of Bush’s favorite enemy, Dean must also bury his hopes for another title, that of President of the United States? Two polls conducted independently yesterday after the announcement of Saddam’s capture sounded out the mood in the U.S. – and came up with quite different results.

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Note dreams

Internet literature from 1970

On the occasion of the paperback edition of Arno Schmidt’s "Zettel’s dream" – a brief self-interview of a non-expert about this imposition in book form.

1) A pocket book? You must be joking!

Certainly. Unless we were talking about coarse bags here. They had to hold a book of the format 23 x 32 x 5.6 cm. My personal scale (Made in Ireland, Not Legal for Trade)!) shows 2.5 kg weight, but describes itself as error-tolerant to 500 g. A good chunk. Nothing for bed. Unfortunately.

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Holocaust of animals?

The controversial campaign of the animal rights organization PeTA should cause a stir in Germany this fall

Holocaust of animals?

Harald Ullmann, the German vice-president of the animal rights organization "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PeTA), has no problem with clear statements. "Whoever eats a schnitzel or a rabbit," says Ullmann in an interview with Telepolis, "must know that he is participating in the Holocaust of animals." And because this is the way it is, the local section of the Association of the German.The German Army, which is the largest animal rights organization in the world, decided without further ado to import a campaign by its American colleagues, which is still making waves in the United States.

Both on the Internet and as part of a traveling exhibition, the images of Holocaust victims are shown there alongside emaciated cows, caged chickens and slaughtered pigs (The Holocaust on your Plate). Who did not understand the message of the slideshow, gets further clarification through selected quotes of famous intellectual giants. Theodor W. Adorno is on, for example, with the sentence "Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals" immortalized, and by Nobel Prize winner Isaac B. Singer, you will find the who’s who words that have been thoroughly thought through: "In relation to [animals], all people are Nazis; for [them] it is an eternal Treblinka." Ullmann is firmly convinced that this campaign is also suitable for other countries and, with a little good will, will be understood correctly:

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Eu commission urges joint immigration policy

In the competition for the coveted experts, the Commission relies on simplified procedures and green cards

The EU Commission wants to put the course in order to quickly open the treatments to an open immigration policy. For too long, Europe has also slept, because the knowledge that the shrinking and aging EU states urgently needed people needed to maintain their economic power in the long term and can secure their social systems, is not the latest date. It is also known that specialized workforce is needed in technology and science and the European countries with each other and with other states has already come into a competition for the coveted experts. The Commission therefore urges that a common immigration policy started and a GreenCard had to be introduced at European level.

In 15 years, the young generation up to 25 years is just once again a quarter of the population, while the number of 80-year-old will increase up to 9 percent. Not only computer experts will be missing in the next few years, the entire population in a working age is back in many countries. If there are to be secured in the EU’s standard of living, social security, economic, technical and scientific progress, or even, for example, the payment of pensions, at least a high mobility within the member states, but also long-term a massive immigration will be necessary. In order to keep the size of the working population constant, Italy had to fetch a half a million immigrants to the country for a year old 350000 and Germany. However, larger immigration streams were still necessary to keep the ratio of people retired to the working population constant.

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Censorship or electronic muzzle?

Telecom subsidiary OTE demands network blocking: Take Indymedia off the net!

The grassroots journalistic media platform Indymedia Athens has come under the spotlight of Greek politics. There is a threat of shutdown and a network blockage.

Especially during December, Indymedia served as a source of information about the Athens riots, but was also used as a coordination center. Indymedia, as an international network, serves, among others, left- or right-wing extremist contemporaries as a platform for their publications, and because of this has already been the target of attacks by conservative politicians in many countries (update: for right-wing populist Schill, even the RAF is still active on Indymedia). Current reports athens.indymedia about police actions and assaults during the "Cleanup" against illegal immigrants. Critics of the crackdown on immigrants organize themselves on Indymedia.

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Back to the university

The Berlin-based online service is focusing on students and has won praise from the German government

Internet companies are increasingly penetrating areas that were previously under state control. Among the most sought-after institutions are undoubtedly the universities. Not only do they promise lucrative investment opportunities, the young target group is also almost united within the walls of the learning factories. Online companies rely primarily on the cooperation of public and private partners.

Just in time for the start of the winter semester, another service is entering the market, and on an equally international level. The university network E-Loft provides its services simultaneously from Berlin, Paris, Rome, Milan and Madrid. According to the company, the target group is "Students between the ages of 17 and 27". The concept is not new, but the application is: similar to the New York city magazine village voice, E-Loft tries to stand out from the sea of similar service providers with service and information. Admittedly, the chances are not bad, as such Internet startups are also in vogue with the German government.

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Doubts about the extent of the “global downturn”

Doubts about the'global downturn'

Graphic: NOAA

The continuing rise in CO2 levels measured at Mauna Loa contradicts the economic

There is now widespread agreement that the current economic crisis is the most severe slump since the "Great Depression" of the 1930s. Thus, the U.S. octogenarians Barry Eichengreen and Kevin H. O’Rourke (hereafter referred to as "ER" for short) on the 6. June put online a comprehensive global comparison of macro-economic data, according to which the current slump in global industrial production has so far been as severe as it was during the first phase of the "Great Depression.

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Inside the military-entertainment complex

Bruce Sterling Interview

Set in Istanbul, Bruce Sterling’s most recent novel Zeitgeist (2000) outlines a wicked scenario: the world is being conquered by G7, a girl group that plays cheap sampled pop and sells tons of merchandise product, oil-tanker-style. Against this backdrop of "popular geo-politics" a great deal of discourse is afforded to the so called "war for the soul of the next century." A culture war that is to be taken "inside the homes, and heads, and hearts, of the fundamentalists" as soon as the region’s distribution infrastructure and its contents are entirely in the hand of the G7 management.

"Of course, you can be a soldier, and also be a great entertainer", admits the novel’s anti-hero Leggy Starlitz. His pitch sounds familiar? Well, what the protagonists in "Zeitgeist" discuss among themselves as the military-entertainment complex foreshadowed contemporary phenomena such as "foreign diplomacy as marketing" (the current Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy is a former Ogilvy Mather chief and tries to rebrand USA and sell democracy to hostile Musilms across the world), "war journalism as reality-TV soap opera" (networks like ABC supply personal stories of soldiers in Afghanistan, the Philippines and beyond, in Sitcom format, directly from the front) and "imperialism as entertainment" (a consulting agency like Pearlfisher advises clients including Virigin, F1, or MGM studios to take over an entire island in order to create "Virgin Territory", an adult-only war-themepark).

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Censorship or only moderated?

The Polish head of government in a chat

With "Good day, I introduce myself – Jerzy Buzek :-)" today the head of the Polish government Jerzy Buzek started a virtual meeting with up to 400, mostly very young Internet users on the portal Wirtualna Polska. The chat was intended primarily for schoolchildren, but the prime minister treated all participants, both children and adults, equally. That means: like little children. Telepolis was of course present.

The first participant already chased Buzek into a corner by asking him why the chat had to end at 12 p.m.00 o’clock, when most schoolchildren have classes. "So I find you in the school, which is a natural place for such meetings", Buzek answered – and already several chatters had to laugh, because they know very well that the Internet is not so natural in Polish schools.

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With breakfast and chocolate against heart disease

"Fruhstucksmuffel have an increased heart attack risk" – So or similarly, it’s the last days almost all media. But the study on which the reports are called, let this end hardly too

The first news released last Tuesday Fruh, inspired by a message of the German Press Agency. Over the week, almost all the media reported about: Manner who waiver on the breakfast, dangerous their hearts. The risk of cardiovascular diseases rang drastically to 27 percent.

At this end, a study that had published the trade magazine Circulation. A team of US scientists had observation data from 27.000 manner over 20 years evaluated. The problem: Such observation studies are virtually unable to prove a causal relationship between individual factors.

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