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The information society wastes rough energy quantities

Idle electrical equipment consume 11 percent of the electricity

You want to always be ready. That’s why all devices have to go through. But that costs electricity and money. Highly probably the power consumption still increases when all the devices are reached to the Internet, which is the vision of the information society. According to a study created on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety (BMU) and the Environmental Agency, idle electrical apparatuses in the EU consume 90 billion kilowatt hours, which corresponds to a quota outset of 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide whole Switzerland in one year to the environment.

In Germany, 11 percent of electricity or 20 billion kilowatt hours in households and buros are consumed by idle equipment. Who is technically well sustained and in his household TV, VideoGerat, HiFi system, electric cooker with clock, satellite receiver, PC, fax and laser printers, is paying for the idle performance of 90 watts to the 260 marks. The media, ie televisions and video recorder in continuous readiness, are the coasted energy swords in households. In Buros, however, telephone systems, fax gates and answering machine, followed by copiers, PCs and printers. The information society demands its price.

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Rotterdam: compulsory contraception for irresponsible parents?

Dutch politician De Jonge demands this for parents struggling with drug and alcohol addiction: "Not being born is also a form of child protection"

In Rotterdam, Christian Democrat politician Hugo de Jonge (CDA) has submitted a proposal to the city council that conflicts with elementary safeguards of personal liberties and raises fears of the next dimension of a control society: De Jonge proposes that women who have shown themselves to be irresponsible mothers should in future be required by law to use contraception.

"Zwangerschapsverbod", Schwangerschaftsverbot, heibt ein Stichwort der Diskussion, die schon 2008 aufflammte. At the time, it was a Social Democratic politician, Marjo van Dijken of the Party of Labor (PvdA), who brought a legislative proposal to the public to address the problem of dysfunctional parents "dysfunctional parents" to counter.

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“Where are the herolds, stumpers and zacherts??”

Police, intelligence services, interior politicians and the security industry meet for the "13. European Police Congress" in Berlin

While key agreements on the future of cross-border security cooperation are being finalized at the EU level, European police forces are discussing the challenges of global security at the 13. European Police Congress their implementation in everyday police work. focus on information technologies and the best possible networking of databases. Data protection is mentioned once in the program, but advice is sought from the security industry and NATO. The main sponsor is the IT industry, which, after the "Stockholm Program" (Stockholm Program: Surveillance and Control) lurks for new million-dollar contracts. Entertainment at the Berlin Congress Centrum will be provided by the police music corps.

To the 13. For the first time, the Behordenspiegel publishing group in Berlin is organizing the "European Police Congress". The event is financed by the security industry, which is present with numerous pavilions and invites for a chat during the coffee break. On the web pages of the industry the congress operates as fair. According to the organizers, the "the largest international conference on internal security in the European Union" of 1.The event was attended by 200 participants from 60 countries, including officers from criminal and security police forces, border police, intelligence agencies and private security companies. The thematic panels alternate between speakers from politics and industry, with the order of industry lecturers determined by their funding volume for the congress ("Gold, silver and bronze sponsorships").

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“Horsesohn, i will curse you with this forum”

Duterte election poster

Obama says a meeting with the Philippine President Derter, after this announced, "the Americans" at the Aseean summit in Laos "to crawl in the ass"

From 6. Until 8. September takes place in the Laotian capital Vientiane an ASEAN summit, where the outgoing US Prassident Barack Obama participates as a guest. He should meet, among other things, with the Philippine Prasident Rodrigo Dutter. However, Obama said, after him, Obama donated yesterday by the International Press, if the US prasident criticize him because of his criminal title policies, then "we will roll like saue in the dirt".

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Future of the museum or museums of the future?

With theories, visions and practical models, the conference attempted to "CultH – Future of the /digital/ cultural heritage" an approach to questions of cultural education in the digital age

The archiving of cultural heritage is a serious problem: while our libraries are literally crumbling to dust and other data carriers are not immune to decay, the attention of archivists is turning to new technologies. Is digitization the solution to the problem of cultural heritage?? The complex ie of digitization of cultural heritage was addressed for the second time at the conference "CultH – Cultural Heritage in the Global Village" in the Museumsquartier Vienna.

Future of the museum or museums of the future?

Art bunker in the Museumsquartier Vienna

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Wsis barks, icann moves on

Internet Governance the Next

The controversy over "Internet Governance" has by a hair in December 2003 the success of the "World Summit on the Information Society" (WSIS) impossible. The final compromise was to ask UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to set up a working group to make proposals on how to proceed before the second WSIS summit in November 2005. But while eight months after the summit it is still not clear how the "Working Group on Internet Governance" (WGIG) is to be put together, the private "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" (ICANN), whose dominant role in WSIS had divided opinion, will continue to circulate. At the recent ICANN meeting in Kuala Lumpur at the end of July, ICANN, rather unimpressed by the WSIS discussion, took concrete steps to underpin its claim to leadership in strategic areas for the further development of the Internet.

Technicization and depoliticization

ICANN’s leading heads, Chairman Vint Cerf and CEO Paul Twomey, have developed an interesting double strategy, with which they on the one hand let the fundamental critics run into the void and on the other hand systematically and consistently create facts, which even those cannot get past, who initially had good reasons to imagine an Internet world without ICANN.

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Greece: “democratization of the golden morgenrote”?

Greece:'demokratisierung der goldenen morgenrote'?

Handle of the golden morning red on a demo 2105. Image: Dtrocks / CC BY-SA-4.0

Former Minister of Justice of Tsipras Make the right-wing extremist Party Salon

The former Minister of Justice of the First two governments of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, has taken care of on Sunday with an interview in the Zeitung Vradini for significant vortex in the Greek political world. He recommends an adoption of the Golden Morgenrote (Chrysi Avgi) to democratize the Neonazist Party.

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Democratization of education is called: more academics?

In France you want to reach until 2025 that 60 percent of an age group have a university degree

Suddenly was crisis. Attention Competition!, Stretched the storming wake-up signal. For a long time, the men and women at the political shift levers in France have gone to sleep in France in the awareness that with France’s education system everything is the best.

Most of them come from the elite schools, which require a lot of placketing, conjunctionry and discipline to create it through the strict selection. Everything was fine. It is no wonder that it was Sarkozy, who managed to coming over the fence from outside the traditional elite (cf. "I want to go there", Old Chancellor Schroder), who wanted to accelerate the social mixing at the elite schools as a prasident.

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The conversion of the german vocational training system

The conversion of the German vocational training system

Help for integration?

The current debate for migrants also affects education. If a migrant allowed to complete an apprenticeship, then both he and his potential training company are a sheer unuitable wirrwarr at Burocratic regulations and their applications. And who comes with a training to Germany, must find that many foreign financial statements are not recognized.

For a long time, proposals for change and the system for the system have been discussed: For about four years, it should be "Recognition law" The procedures for assessing foreign professional qualifications simplify and open for previously unauthorized audit groups. But many applicants have little chance of investing costs and therefore do not achieve recognition of their qualifications. Other proposals should be supported by migrants and companies in that education can be completed in this country – such as a restraining the training periods.

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Iraq: shiite parties plan law on withdrawal of us troops

Al-Asad Airbase, Irak. Foto (von 2005): US Navy / gemeinfrei

President Trump stressed in December that the USA wants to stay in Iraq

U.S. President Trump’s surprise visit shortly after Christmas to troops stationed at al-Asad military airfield in Anbar province caused trouble in Baghdad. A clear sign of this was the cancellation of a meeting between Trump and Iraq’s new prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

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