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Alternative music services for siri: no real “default”-app possible

Alternative music services for Siri: No real'default'-app moglich'default'-app moglich

Apple has finished first, like a new function in iOS 14.5 will work with the users to use alternative music services as standard offer on the iPhone. So far, Apple’s in-house streaming service Apple Music remains "default"-use. But as now shows, the Group makes users more complicated than expected: there will be no simple setting option to Spotify Co. to set the favorite offer as you know this from e-mail and browser since iOS 14.

As an alternative, Apple operates with Siris "Intelligence"-Function, the language assistor learns, so what the user likes. Like the iPhone manufacturer opposite the IT blog Techcrunch announced, asks Siri in iOS 14.5 First, the service one would like to use when playing a song, album or artists. But this is not automatically to the default offer.

Demand not only the first time

Instead, Siri Father will once again ask which service should be used – based on Apple’s algorithms. This could confuse users who think a setting ranges – and Apple help users stay with Apple Music. Siri demand also influences no system-wide setting; The same does not exist simply.

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Apple against prepear bulb: charged trademark dispute

Apple against Prepear Bulb: Charged trademark dispute

The trademark dispute between Apple and Prepear for a pear logo has been enclosed. The two parties had agreed in good hands, shared the provider of the recipe app now with. The own pear logo will prepair "small changes" But be satisfied with the outcome of the matter. Apple has already given the consent for the change of the logo, it is called in a communication to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple against pears

Apple against Prepear Bulb: Charged trademark dispute

The new pear leaf (bottom) ends the brand dispute.

Apple had filed an objection against the brand entry of the logo last year: with Prepears Bulben logo, it is one "Minimalist fruit design with turn to the right side that reminds directly to the famous Apple logo", wrote the salaries of the Group last year. End customers could confuse the unions and put in the wrong faith, there is a partnership between the companies.

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Intercom: new internal communication path for apple products

Intercom: New internal communication path for Apple products

Apple has also introduced a new communication function for small groups together with his new, cost-minded Smart Speaker. The technique called Intercom is not only in the homepod mini, but also works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods and Cars with Apple’s Vehicle Integration CarPlay. It reminds of the communication with Walkie-Talkies, but in the form of voice messages.

Speaking in the family group

Currently intended is the function for family groups – probably if you are part of a family share (Family Sharing). According to Apple’s information, Intercom offers family members the possibility to get into contact with each other quickly and easily. For example, a person can send an intercom message from a homepod to another. This can be in a different room, a specific zone of the house or in different rooms. The message is sent as a voice recording to the respective device, other users can answer answers.

Siri helps create and answers

If a group member is traveling, users can receive intercom messages on their mobile device – up to the car. The corresponding commands are easy to remember: "Hey Siri, tell everyone…" Shares the message with the entire group. With "Hey Siri, answer…" Lets directly answers. Individual users can choose whether they really want to receive intercom messages on the iPhone – or about only if they are at home. In addition, the family manager evidently eliminates who overhever is part of the intercom group – it is used on the iPhone on the App Home.

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