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Trading war: xiaomi defends itself in court against sanctions of trump government

Trading War: Xiaomi defends itself in court against sanctions of Trump government

The Chinese smartphone provider Xiaomi moves in court in the US to stop sanctions from the Trump government at the last minute. Xiaomi had come to a black list of the US Department of Defense in mid-January with eight other Chinese companies. One consequence is that US investors should be banned to buy Xiaomi shares – and they should separate themselves from all shares by January 2022.

Interim injunction

Xiaomi argues now in the lawsuit submitted on Friday, the US government had not held on necessary procedures with the confusion of sanctions in mid-January. And also the reproach alleged links to the Chinese militar is wrong. Xiaomi, among other things, strives for interim borrowing, which should expose the sanctions quickly.

Since the US government has changed the US government after the end of the term of office of Prasident Donald Trump, the new Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin and the new Minister of Finance Janet Yellen was already sued. The government of the new Prasident Joe Biden can make the sanctions backward – so far, he has previously been able to enter TRUMM’s china decisions up to a congress.

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Wednesday: china rules, youtube wages, lyft numbers, audi-test cyber catastrophe

Wednesday: China rules, YouTube wages, Lyft numbers, Audi test  amp; Cyber catastrophe

In Asia, online gaming is booming and that’s good for the shops of Chinese companies. But now the government hits the middle of the middle alarm and complains the gaming in children. Finally, the ubiquitous smartphones can be taken to bed almost uncontrollable. That in turn has an impact on Tencent, one of China’s biggest companies – the most important news in the short overview.

In China will Criticized online games violently and they portrayed as harmful to the development of children. State media speak of "Opium for the mind" and "Electronic drugs". As a result, the share price of the leading Chinese technical and game concerts Tencent has gained significantly. Tencent reacts to the authority with restrictions for young people, but Tencent’s share price still falls after China’s online gaming.

Video production is not gaming, but some short films are playing. This means that Make money with Youtube shorts now, because YouTube stands against Tiktok. To catch up with the residue, Youtube needs more new short films. To boost such productions, the alphabet daughter attracts money. Who own short videos highlights, the popular can be up to 10.000 US dollars received a month. In the fight against TKTOK pays Youtube Bares for popular short films.

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Merkel only wants to leverage to one trillion

After two years, even the German Chancellor has understood that Greece needs a debt cut of more than 50%

Now in Berlin, too, what has been expensively delayed for two years by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and the respective economics ministers of the FDP has become reality. Berlin has always tried, seconded by Paris, to poke around at the symptoms, and this policy has cost it dearly. Nun hat Merkel vor, den bisherigen temporaren EU-Rettungsschirm (EFSF) auf eine Billion Euro aufzuhebeln. Ahead of the EU summit on Wednesday, Merkel informed the heads of the parliamentary groups and parties late on Tuesday about details according to which the "Haircut" (debt cut) should be up to 60 percent. On Wednesday, the entire Bundestag is to vote on the plan after all.

The black-yellow government in Berlin has experienced its Waterloo. Their entire ineptitude has now been revealed. Berlin’s lurching course prevented a bailout of Greece for two long years at great cost. Merkel and Schauble have hit the wall with their attempt to give the new bank bailout the appearance of a Greek bailout. Meanwhile, Greece has been ruined. It was clear that the attempt to buy time until 2013 with many billions was going to fail. If the temporary crisis mechanism then mutates into the normal state of affairs, in the "European Stability Mechanism" (ESM), even state bankruptcies with a haircut are foreseen. In the meantime, it was hoped to give the banks more time to withdraw from Greece, which German institutions, in particular, have long been doing against their former agreements.

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Volunteers or soldner?

According to the Human Rights Organization HRW, the Ostucraine finds "armed conflict" and therefore the right of war for all conflict parties

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has made aware in a report that the "armed conflict" in the Ostukraine between Ukrainian dispute and "armed groups / uptairs" according to international war law represents an internal armed conflict. The armed groups must be sufficiently organized and desired to carry out military actions. This was given in the Eastern Ukraine, which is why international war rights is here, D.H. The conflicting parties have to comply with international humanitarian rules of Geneva conventions.

Volunteers or Soldner?

The militia Azov is funded privately and also searches camphor from abroad.

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