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Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

Impfpflicht und impfung fur jugendliche: es wird giftig

Foto: Unsplash

Soder bezeichnet Stiko als amateurhaft, Holetschek will fur "professional support" worry. Dispute over compulsory vaccination intensifies across Europe. In France, opponents of vaccination are becoming radicalized

A recent study in France confirms that vaccinated people are better protected against infection with the coronavirus. This also applies to the delta variant, according to the scientists responsible for assessing statistics, whose research department (Drees) is affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

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With breakfast and chocolate against heart disease

"Fruhstucksmuffel have an increased heart attack risk" – So or similarly, it’s the last days almost all media. But the study on which the reports are called, let this end hardly too

The first news released last Tuesday Fruh, inspired by a message of the German Press Agency. Over the week, almost all the media reported about: Manner who waiver on the breakfast, dangerous their hearts. The risk of cardiovascular diseases rang drastically to 27 percent.

At this end, a study that had published the trade magazine Circulation. A team of US scientists had observation data from 27.000 manner over 20 years evaluated. The problem: Such observation studies are virtually unable to prove a causal relationship between individual factors.

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Rotterdam: compulsory contraception for irresponsible parents?

Dutch politician De Jonge demands this for parents struggling with drug and alcohol addiction: "Not being born is also a form of child protection"

In Rotterdam, Christian Democrat politician Hugo de Jonge (CDA) has submitted a proposal to the city council that conflicts with elementary safeguards of personal liberties and raises fears of the next dimension of a control society: De Jonge proposes that women who have shown themselves to be irresponsible mothers should in future be required by law to use contraception.

"Zwangerschapsverbod", Schwangerschaftsverbot, heibt ein Stichwort der Diskussion, die schon 2008 aufflammte. At the time, it was a Social Democratic politician, Marjo van Dijken of the Party of Labor (PvdA), who brought a legislative proposal to the public to address the problem of dysfunctional parents "dysfunctional parents" to counter.

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Bangladesh: minister explains himself helpless

Bangladesh: Minister explains himself helpless

Side arm of Buriganga. Photo: Gilbert Colonko

For more than a decade, environmental protection organizations have pointed out that the flood of Bangladesh is poisoned by the industry

Every day, in the 17-million-inhabitant metropolis of Dhaka, thousands of commuters in a nutshell must create two times over the Pechschwarzen Burigangauss – and even hard-minded power of the accompanying stench. At the weekend, the minister for water affairs Bangladesh has also noticed. On the edge of the publication of a study funded by the WHO on water pollution, Minister A declared. I. Mahmud helpless, given the shocking facts:

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Paprika panic

The meaning of globalisation hits home — hard

The heart (and stomachs) of Hungarians was rudely pierced last Wednesday by the lance of globalisation. A crisis hit the country which had a devastating blow, both economically and socially. In some ways, it’s the equivalent of a Hungarian 9/11. No, a jumbo jet didn’t crash into a skyscraper; indeed, the country doesn’t even have any real skyscrapers. For many Hungarians what happened on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 is much more serious: the country’s paprika supply was found to be contaminated. To fully understand what this means, one just has to look at a Hungarian menu. The vast majority of Hungarian dishes contain paprika. In some cases, it’s the main ingredient.

News of the food scare first broke on last Wednesday when it was found out that certain brands of paprika contained a poisonous substance, aflatoxin, which was 15 times above acceptable levels. The aflatoxin apparently entered the Hungarian paprika supply through imported paprika from Brazil, which was mixed with Hungarian paprika. The homegrown Hungarian paprika itself was found to not contain any aflatoxin.

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Too lax or just right? The swedish way

Symbol image: Johanna Dahlberg/unsplash

Corona: Voluntary self-cautions, reproductive number below 1: WHO now sees much-maligned Sweden as a model

The so-called reproduction figure, the R-value, has remained at a low level in Sweden since the 21st century. April under 1.0. This means that the spread of the infection is no longer increasing, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell was quoted as saying this weekend by broadcaster SVT . The value indicates how many other people a person infected with the coronavirus infects on average.

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Un boss warns against corona mutation – china’s party feet before division

UN boss warns against corona mutation - China's party feet before division

Un General Secretar Antonio Gutres has called for a hurry in the worldwide distribution of Corona vaccines. "If the industrialist believe that they are safe when they vaccinate their own people and neglect the developmental standards, they are wrong", Said Gentres on Monday in a VideoRede at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). "There is now the clear, real danger of mutations that make the virus transferable or even or more resistant to existing vaccines. We have to act fast."

More vaccine for all

The worldwide production capacity of the remedies for the occlusion of the Covid-19-pandemic had to be massively expanded and licenses are provided, called for Morentres. In addition, MUSSE will ensure that the vaccines are affordable in poor parts of the earth. "Vaccines must be considered as a global public", said the UN boss and was a better financing of the international corona vaccination initiative Covax.

The renowned US Corona expert Anthony Fauci reported on the difficult corona situation in its country: "It is extremely problematic to deal with a crisis of public health when the country is in the middle of a split", said the head of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (NiaID). "If questions of public health are politically charged – if wearing a mask is a political statement – then you can not imagine how harmful the for a public health message is."

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Norway: islamcritical party is standing before government responsibility

Conservative and right parties loose the red-red-green coalition

After the parliamentary elections on Monday Norway is a change of government in the house. The four conservatives to right parties form a clear majority according to the last extrapolations and will exhaust the eight years of red-red-green coaltion under the Social Democrats Jens Stoltenberg. Although Stoltenberg can retract the most votes with his Arbeiderparties (Social Democrats) with around 30 percent, but he achieves no majority with the Sosialistisk VenStreparti (SV), the left and the senter parting, a kind of green farmer party, no majority.

The probably art headquarters Erna Solberg. Image:

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