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Nomad finds the first meteorite

In Antarctica, an autonomous robotic vehicle intended for remote planetary exploration is tested

Nomad, the autonomous robotic vehicle from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, which was developed with funding from NASA, has been driving for 10 days. January around Antarctica in search of meteorites. Last Saturday, the third day of the mission, the scientists already had a success to report: with rough probability Nomad has already found the first one.

Nomad, which looks a bit like a Beetle, is a prototype for robots that could once be used for remote sensing missions on other planets. The robot is 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters, weighs 725 kilograms, moves on four wheels at a speed of 50 centimeters per second and can pass over rough obstacles. Because of its coarseness, all four computers can be placed on it, enabling its autonomy. For the first time, a robot is now on the road to automatically track rocks from space and classify them with the instruments in its robotic arm. In the field in eastern Antarctica, scientists have already discovered more than 2,000 stones on Fubmarsch in seven years, including EET79001, which is believed to have come from Mars: "Until now, exploration robots have taken pictures, collected data, and brought back what they saw to scientists so they could make investigations and decisions", Says Red Whittacker, project leader. "This time Nomad will make his own assessments and conclusions about the stones he encounters."

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Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier prefer it symbolic rather than dogmatic in "Dear Wendy"

As a helpful complement to the general skepticism about the USA, Thomas Vinterberg’s satirical tragedy "Dear Wendy" is now coming to the cinema. Together with screenwriter Lars von Trier, the former Dogma filmmaker has dealt with gun madness and state violence, as well as with aubenseitertum, racism and the road to hell, which is known to be paved with good intentions.


It all starts so pensively and spazzy. Bare Clothes, Group Rituals, a Bit of Verstorung of the Normalburgers. Young people fantasize their way out of their drug-ridden hometowns and thereby gain a better standing in life. Their concept is a somewhat counter-intuitive kind of "pacificism," as Huey calls it, but one that is currently being flagged by various governments worldwide.

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Do merkel and seehofer want to create transit zones instead of a “upper limit” with the transit zones immediately the borders completely remained closed?

After Edmund Stoiber, it was decided to stop accepting refugees from safe countries of origin such as Austria, in order to enforce European solidarity

Chancellor Merkel and the Bavarian minister-president, having been unable or unwilling to reach an agreement with SPD leader Gabriel yesterday (Merkel, Gabriel and Seehofer adjourned until Thursday), agreed on a joint six-page position paper: "Helping people in need, organizing and controlling immigration, ensuring integration". Here, transit zones, which the SPD rejects and proposes no less mysterious entry centers than "most urgent measure for better control of our border" designates.

Decision on transit zones in the land border procedure in accordance with the applicable EU directive as the most urgent measure for better control of our border. In these transit zones, asylum seekers from safe countries of origin, with re-entry bans, with follow-up applications and without a willingness to cooperate, are subject to accelerated asylum procedures, including appeal procedures and repatriation. The procedure is closely modeled on the airport procedure, which is not a detention facility according to the case law of the Federal Arrest Court.

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Premiermaker liberal democrats?

In the Great Britain, it was possible after the election on the 6. May give a coalition government

Yesterday, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Konigin Elizabeth II asked for the resolution of Parliament. New elections should be on 6. May take place. At the vote, 650 under house seats are reopened – due to a constituency reform four more than before. The absolute majority for a party is therefore 326 mandates. And currently surveys are considered by no means sure that Labor or Tories reach this number. The result was one "Parliament" With the option of a minority or a coalition government.

Most recently, this situation in Great Britain in February 1974, when the then-reimbursing conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath is more votes, but less mandates as the Labor Party and wanted to form a coalition government with the liberal democrats. However, he failed because he did not want to agree to the demand for a favorable electoral reform for the liberal democrats. A minority government under Harold Wilson did not manage to get parliamentary majorities, so that it was simplified again in October and Labor a tight absolute majority of the seats won.

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