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Google docs casting, even before google

Google Docs casting, even before Google

Play documents can be found in Google Workspace with a key provided by the user. This feature is integrated directly in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive: Clickdocks can be recycled with a click on which Google does not have any access to google.

At the start this works exclusively with the third-party flowcrypt, Futurex, Thales and Virtru. They hold the key to the user as well as suitable management tools. However, Google wants to provide an API again this year, use the users’ locally managed key.

Google Docs casting, even before Google

Capped files can be created quickly and are marked as such.

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Open source security foundation wants to protect public well

The Linux Foundation has founded a new cooperation with the designation Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), which should improve corporate and industry-increasing the safety of Open Source Software (OSS). The aim according to qualification in the blog The Linux Foundation is the development of best practices of IT security for light-off software.

Industry-shaped cooperation

The new foundation is intended to combine the existing approaches of the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) and the Open Source Security Coalition and other individual initiatives founded by GITHUB 2019 and continue under a common roof. To the basic members, among others, Github, Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, the NCC Group, the OWASP Foundation and Red Hat. Further supports are, for example, Gitlab, Hackeron, Uber and VMware.

Background is the increasing proportion of open source techniques in data centers, end-user guards and services that lead to a chain of contributors and disciplines. According to Linux Foundation, the security officers of a company or an organization use possibilities to understand and check the security of these dependency chains. This requirement should now cover the OpenSSSF.

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Machine learning: microsoft connects tensorflow with directx

Machine Learning: Microsoft connects TensorFlow with DirectX

Microsoft has published with TENSORFLOW-DIRECTML a version of the Machine Learning Frameworks (ML) initiated by Google-initiated machine-learning frameworks. The Open Source project is a fork of TensorFlow and relies on the otherwise square Library DirecTML. It runs both natively on Win32 as well as on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Virtual device in the backend

The separately available project DirecTML is a Low Level Library, which builds on Direct3D 12 and offers hardware acceleration for ML applications. The library abstracts the plain to the GPU and works together with chips of Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Qualcomm.

TensorFlow-DirectML integrates the DIRECTML backend directly into the ML framework and leads to accelerate "Dml" as a new device that is as an alternative for "GPU" use.

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What really was true, the resolution of the summer council

This time it was about the silver slices on which in 1987 to about 1997 software, informational goods and "multimedia" be delivered. Only two questions have stayed open, with a question several solutions were possible, as I had to learn.

The question 0 of the summer council showed a CD with network access software and yes, the child-friendly offer of Fun Online was searched with which the Ehapa publisher tried to create a safe community for the younger.

Question 1 was looking for the Shareware CD of the PC-SIG Group, one of the first Shareware collections for the PC of 1987.

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Coreldraw graphics suite 2021: work better

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021: work better

The Graphics Package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is aimed at advertising graphics, illustrators and layouters, the graphics and pleading for coarse format printing, cutting plotter, textile design, advertising and other scenarios design. The suite includes, among other things, the core program CorelDRAW, the image editing Photo-Paint, the font management font manager and the RAW developer aftershot 3 HDR.

Cooperation in real time

A dashboard can store documents directly from CorelDRAW in the cloud, organize and release. CorelDRAW creates a generally valued link for shared files, which will immediately send you by e-mail. Comments from employees appear in the comment field in CorelDRAW. In the previous version you had to go to the web app.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021: work better

Comments from Team members appear in the new CorelDRAW 2021 in cloud documents in real time.

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Elastic 7.11: many new features – and not as free software for the first time

Elastic 7.11: Many new features - and not as free software for the first time

Elastic has version 7.11 of their software publishes – the first release under the new license. It extends the security, observability and search products from Elastic Enterprise. Users can now search data from AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Storage stored snapshots. These snapshots interact with the Elastic Cloud, which results in savings in the storage costs.

Warnings at (dangerous) amendments

Generally available, the centrally manageable alerting framework that captures all changes in the Elastic Stack and in external systems. It warns with important amendments in the system or threats. New is the integration into platforms like Servicenow, Microsoft Teams and Pagerduty.

Elastic Enterprise Search can have a new webcrawler that demands information from publicly accessible websites and makes them searchable in app search. So far, it was possible to use users to record content on JSON Upload, Pasting and API endpoints. The rules for the web crawler can now be set without code only by mouse click.

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