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Democratization of education is called: more academics?

In France you want to reach until 2025 that 60 percent of an age group have a university degree

Suddenly was crisis. Attention Competition!, Stretched the storming wake-up signal. For a long time, the men and women at the political shift levers in France have gone to sleep in France in the awareness that with France’s education system everything is the best.

Most of them come from the elite schools, which require a lot of placketing, conjunctionry and discipline to create it through the strict selection. Everything was fine. It is no wonder that it was Sarkozy, who managed to coming over the fence from outside the traditional elite (cf. "I want to go there", Old Chancellor Schroder), who wanted to accelerate the social mixing at the elite schools as a prasident.

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The conversion of the german vocational training system

The conversion of the German vocational training system

Help for integration?

The current debate for migrants also affects education. If a migrant allowed to complete an apprenticeship, then both he and his potential training company are a sheer unuitable wirrwarr at Burocratic regulations and their applications. And who comes with a training to Germany, must find that many foreign financial statements are not recognized.

For a long time, proposals for change and the system for the system have been discussed: For about four years, it should be "Recognition law" The procedures for assessing foreign professional qualifications simplify and open for previously unauthorized audit groups. But many applicants have little chance of investing costs and therefore do not achieve recognition of their qualifications. Other proposals should be supported by migrants and companies in that education can be completed in this country – such as a restraining the training periods.

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Iraq: shiite parties plan law on withdrawal of us troops

Al-Asad Airbase, Irak. Foto (von 2005): US Navy / gemeinfrei

President Trump stressed in December that the USA wants to stay in Iraq

U.S. President Trump’s surprise visit shortly after Christmas to troops stationed at al-Asad military airfield in Anbar province caused trouble in Baghdad. A clear sign of this was the cancellation of a meeting between Trump and Iraq’s new prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

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“Armenia prays, azerbaijan boomt”

Image: Ramon Schack

Even if the urban life is pulsating in the center of Yerevan, Armenia has received archaic origin

"You have certainly done by comitas", asks a guest in Edouards Restaurant, an old Lord who introduces itself as a music professor. Edouards Restaurant is located between the Republic and Opera Square in the heart of Yerevan, the capital and the cultural center of the small Caucasus Republic.

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Also ben jerry’s is going to protest against facebook

Also Ben  Amp; Jerry's tries to protest against Facebook's schliebt sich protestaktion gegen facebook an

The US ice cream manufacturer Ben Jerry’s wants to turn protest against Facebook’s handling of racist, hazing and manipulative content for the time being no more advertising on the online network. Facebook Must Do more to prevent the use of its platform for the scales of America, the company’s consumer-based company called on Tuesday (local time).

Targeted on advertising revenue

Ben Jerry’s are therefore at the initiative #stophatheformprofit and stop in the USA from 1. July until more than more paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

US burger law organizations had called in the past week to the boycott last week. For example, Facebook is to be made at a sensitive body – the Group makes almost its sales with advertising. With the North Face and Patagonia, other well-known brands joined.

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Coronavirus: biontech ready for delivery first vaccine boxes in the eu

The Mainz company BIONTECH and the US Pharmaceutical company Pfizer are according to own information on the delivery of the first vaccines to the EU in the starting pages. "We are ready to start the delivery of the first vaccine boxes in the EU as soon as we get grunes light", said Biontech boss and coarse Ugur Sahin on Monday.

Previously, the European Pharmaceutical Agency (EMA) had recommended the inclusion of the first Corona vaccine, which is to be distributed under the trade name Comirnaty. As the EMA notified, sufficiently resilient data on the quality, safety and efficacy of Comirnaty are available to recommend a formally conditional approval for placing on the market. The approximately 44.000 Participant Clinical Study had shown the effectiveness of the vaccine in people over 16 years in an efficiency of 95 percent.

In line with the EU safety monitoring plan for Covid-19 vaccines, Comirnaty will monitor to pursue potential side effects in vaccinating millions of people. Additional studies on the vaccine should also be made. The EMA sees the vaccine as a milestone for the evidence of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, however, the EMA set up that this is not a turning point in the pandemic.

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Australian competitive workers criticizes dvd regional code

It is examined whether the prices of DVDs are manipulated with the region code

The film industry is known to have its own ideas, as the world is split and wherever the important limits are. In addition to the cracked Content Scrambling System (CSS) with which the production of (robbery) copies is to be prevented, there are still the DVDs still like the regional code by the Regional Playback Control System (RPC), which should control the spread territorial. Then, for example, Sudamerika and Australia, Europe, Japan, Sudafrika and the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe together. China has the region 6 alone. Since you probably expect in the future rough profits. The DVD players and DVD drives sold since the beginning of 2000 must check this regional code. If the player’s region does not match the above-DVD, the video can not be played.

As the reason for this restriction of the buyers, the film industry indicates that by the region code a movie should not be playable on DVD, as long as he still runs in the cinema. Another reason was certainly that the national and international exploitation rights are not always in the same rental. And then you can also achieve different prices through regionalization.

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Teslas criticism of german burocracy stobs contradiction and benevolent

Teslas criticism of German Burocracy stobs contradiction and benevolent

Teslas criticism of the approval procedure around its Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin stobs in the middle-class officer of the Federal Government, Thomas Bareib (CDU), on suspension. "I do not know any other project, which was done so much on all levels to realize a quick realization, such as the project Tesla", Said Beib’s Handelsblatt.

Tesla had emphasized in a letter to the Oberanverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg, his work helps through the dissemination of electromobility against climate change. However, there are 16 months after the application no schedule for a final approval of the construction of his factory. That "Blatant problem" It is that projects that prevented climate change were treated and those who accelerated him were treated equally. The US electric car manufacturer wants to produce in Grunheide from summer and at the end 500.Manufacture 000 Model Y per year. So far, the Gigafactory is only built with leading permits.

Brandenburg Economic Minister Jorg Steinbach (SPD) opened open for a legislative person to prefer investment that served security security. However, the Federal Ministry of Economics pointed out that eight laws came into force in the current legislative period to accelerate planning and approval.

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Terror for bananas

Judicial documents prove close cooperation between US company Chiquita and right parliamitars in Colombia

In 2007, after a multiannual procedure, the US Department of Justice against the Banana Group of Chiquita Brands International revealed documents, which occupy a systematic cooperation of the US company with militar and armed groups in Colombia. This is out of justice acts to which the US Institute National Security Archive is reached. The research institution at the George-Washington University in the US capital has access to around 5 via the Freedom of Information Law.500 files from the proceedings against Chiquita received. The information obtained therein will not only bring the agricultural company in a surprise, but also governments in Washington and Bogota.

For four years, a procedure of the US Department of Justice against the Chiquita Group had attracted headquarters in the state of Ohio. In 2007, both sides agreed on a comparison: the ministry accepted the burial of the company, after which it was forced to the protection allowances. In addition, Chiquita defended, one never received a consideration from the paramilitarian organizations. Against a penalty of 25 million, the procedure was completed after four years.

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More greenhouse gases

More greenhouse gases

According to the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the main cause of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 was transport

The Energy and Climate Weekly: Eurosolar wants more expansion, Federal Environment Agency calls for shutdown of coal-fired power plants, and IRENA believes there will be no economically viable alternative to renewables as early as 2020

So now the SPD federal party conference has voted by the narrowest of margins to start coalition talks, and we can look forward to seeing what comes out of the negotiations in terms of energy and climate policy. The results of the exploratory talks were not particularly ambitious and suggest, among other things, that the already inadequate climate target for 2020 (40 percent less greenhouse gases than in 1990) will not be achieved.

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